Slammo Game Set Vs Spikeball Vs Battle Bounce

With summer times coming to the northern hemisphere many people are searching for games that they can enjoy on the beach side.

One of the most popular games on recent times is that bouncing game where a ball bounce from a net attached to a sturdy plastic circumference, pretty much like volleyball.

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There are even official tournaments, and even club teams, that shows the current popularity of the game. There are true fans of this game, even there are passionate communities around this game!

Today we are going to talk about the GoSports Slammo Game, you can easily get a play set that comes with three balls, a nylon carrying case and of course the gameplay rules you need to adhere to in order to enjoy the game at maximum.

You can play slammo or spikeball in many scenarios, since they are a weather-resistant product, so definitely you and your game partners will have many hours to be entertained playing this amazing game.

It’s a super fun game, where you will be able to hangout with friends while doing energetic movements, because it’s a game with competitive and athletic nature.

Just imagine that you are playing beach volleyball but using way less space and you can carry the court everywhere with you.

Slammo bouncing game is filled with action, and the way you play it’s very similar to volleyball where you set the game 2-on-2, obviously there are some differences such as the size of the ball and the rule of throwing the ball to bounce off a circular net in the middle.

Just like volleyball, each spikeball team has 3 hits to spike the ball into net.

So most of the time opponent teams volley back and forth until the other team is unable to return the ball to the net. The objective is to gain 21 points, the first time reaching this goal wins the game.

There have been many improvements to the game since released first time, and one of the most requested features is 100% net coverage, that is to avoid the ball going through 'pocket shot'.

For that reason the circular frame comes with hooks in order to guarantee full coverage.

Another difference between Slammo Vs Spikeball and Battle bounce is the amount of balls included in the set, some come with two balls and others come with just one ball without any replacement balls, others include a 12 cm training ball for some players that are new to the game or for players somewhat younger.

One of the main advantages of this fun game, is it’s portability, you can bring this game with yourself to any beach, camping site or perfect for tailgating.

It’s very portable and since the game can be quickly assembled (it’s much easier to setup than a volleyball court), you will be playing in no time.

Also once it’s folded, it doesn’t occupy a big space and you can carry it into the included backpack that comes with the case. It’s the perfect activity for encourage movement and speed.

Since some competitors and knock-offs have been released from last years, many people of course want to compare the Spikeball game set with a Slammo game set and even with battle bounce, in terms of durability, quality of rebound and overall design, it’s reasonable they want the best option for an affordable price.

Pay attention to the quality of the PVC pipe used for the net curvilinear frame, ideally it should be stronger, in order to keep that perfect circle when the net is stressed during installation, this helps to a good ratio of net coverage after installed, you should not have gaps or pockets in between the net and the frame.

Strong PVC keeps a perfect circle under net tension.

If you have not made your choice between slammo and spikeball, you just have to narrow the decision criteria to quality of construction, is it more sturdy, is it better built, then choose the best according to the answers to this.

Many claim that Slammo is somewhat superior to spikeball, other not, but basically compare the construction materials used for the set you want to purchase.

Others claim that even when Slammo is made from construction materials of higher quality its price is still lower than competitors.

You can play Slammo or Spikeball very easy, The winning team score 21 points (or 11 if agreed beforehand for quicker games).

The idea is to return the ball bouncing it off a trampoline type net, teams have three hits to be able to do this.

Also the same player can not hit the ball twice in a row, and any player can use all parts of his/her body to get the ball to teammates or directly onto the circular.

One way of gaining a point is being the last team that hit the net before the ball hits the ground or simply the other team was unable to get the ball back to the net zone in three hits or less.

Keep in mind teams can only score a point when they are the team who is serving team.

The beauty of Slammo, is there is a complete 360 degree available space for playing without bounds, so teams are not positioned in any side of the “court” per se.

Sometimes players hit the ball as hard as possible just to make it travel further away from the other team.