Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick Newcell Review

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Many people claim that alkaline ionized water is the best kind of water for curing or preventing several diseases or simply to detoxify.

According to these claims your body should keep an alkaline Ph-level by consuming fruits, vegetables and by drinking alkaline ionized water, the origin of this idea is that cancer cells won’t thrive on an alkaline body environment.

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You want a portable solution for “making” alkaline water and to enjoy all these nice benefits.

There are many health benefits associated with alkaline water and water ionizers. Some of them are for a better skin because promote smoothness and tightness of the skin. It has been used for years in hospitals to treat bed sores, infections, and diabetic ulcers. Use it to brush your teeth and gargle after brushing for cleaner, healthier gums and teeth. It is a best mouth guard for preventing further damage to your teeth.

I understand you: you want a practical water ionizer stick in order to convert ordinary water into non-acid water in matter of minutes.

It’s affordable, simple, very easy to use and of course beneficial and convenient for your health and your family’s.

It’s one of the most affordable ways for creating antioxidant water in matter of little time so it’s ideal for travel time..

The NewCell Alkaline Water Stick contains tourmaline, maifanshi, far infrared stone and calcium stone. all this with the purpose of converting regular water into healthy ionized mineralized water with negative ions.

After creates a negative ORP -150 to -200, the claims are it can remove up to 70% of free radicals, thus promoting good health and wellness.

The hydrogen alkaline ion water stick is perfect for people on the go! And these sticks are made from food grade 304 stainless steel.

Alkaline antioxidant ionized water works for you continuously at the cellular level where damage and healing begin. Drinking alkaline antioxidant ionized water it's a natural antioxidant, it is that your body needs to protect against aging and helps to fight against disease and it detoxifies you. Another way that we can implement natural ways to help our body to detoxifying is drinking kombucha since it is one of the best natural sources of vitamin C.

Some vendors recommend that you purchase a couple of sticks in order to achieve higher pH levels. When you negatively charge your water your ionized water will allow you to enjoy antioxidant properties.

The general idea of consumption of alkaline water is to help your immune system giving it more arsenal to combat infections, bacteria and other kind of disease causing agents.

For better cost-benefit make sure to get Longer Lasting alkaline hydrogen water ionizer sticks, so you will have more power for the same money you pay.

There are some vendor who claim you can increase the pH of your water to 9 or more.

Also look for those sticks which come with a carrying tube, because after all you want a portable solution right?

The main benefit of these portable water ionizer sticks is that you could make alkaline water anywhere anytime in minutes, so the carrying tube is extremely convenient for people who want to drink and hydrate themselves with alkaline water whenever they need.

Now you won’t have to leave home without one of these powerful devices, very practical for improve quality of tap water removing impurities, heavy metals, chlorine and other add minerals.

The newcell alkaline hydrogen portable water ionizer stick (also know as diet ion stick because some people claim it could even help you lose weight when you drink sufficient quantities)

the approximate duration of these alkaline water sticks is from 6 months up to one year depending on frequency of use and other water conditions.

We hope this review of the NewCell Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick would be the starting point for further research to see if this technology it’s beneficial for you and your family.

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