Yuneec Q500 Plus Review Typhoon Q500+

Would you like to fly a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Plus? This review will help you to take an informed decision (Q500+).

If you search some forums and some specialized websites about the general opinions and reviews for the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ you will find most of them are positive.

Many of these reviews even compare the quality of this drone to the DJI phantom (keeping in mind Q500 comes with a cheaper price of course).

Experience Your Own Personal Ground Station

This drone features the ST-10+ 5.5" Android touch screen personal ground station and the CGO2+ 3-axis gimbal camera capable of taking 16 megapixel still photos and excellent Full HD 60FPS videos.

The included STEADY GRIP extends the use of the gimbal camera from the sky to the ground.

It's truly a personal ground station with telemetry data display, FPV function, camera and flight controlling Android operating system with 5.5’’ touch screen and both visual and tactile low battery warning feedback make the ST10+ an all-in-one device.

Improve Your Aerial Filming With These Great Filters

Would you like a filter for the camera of your Yuneec Q500 and others, to avoid overexposed photos caused by bright sunlight to have better color contrast and richer color(#ad)

Neewer 4 Pieces Filter Kit for DJI Mavic Pro Drone Quadcopter

ND lens filters reduce the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color

Neewer Neutral Density Filter Set, Includes: Filter ND4+ Filter ND8 + Filter ND16 + Filter Pouch

Can be used as UV filter and Light to smooth gimbal operation

With all these all-in-one functions you will notice the included remote controller is not only a transmitter the ST10+ has been transformed into your own powerful personal ground station.

With the CGO APP, whatever is shot can be viewed on your SmartPhone with the same control of video FPS, video start/stop and still photos as found on the ST-10+.

What Will You Find Inside The Box?

When you open the box (and this quadcopter is ready-to-fly RTF out of the box) you will find these items for your quadcopter, a camera gimbal system (remember that the q500 will help you to take high quality aerial footage and photos).

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Also inside the box you will find a personal ground station, two batteries, of course you could get some extra things like car chargers, USB adapters, depending on what you purchase.

The Battery included in the package is the 5400mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo, allowing for more flight time for your flying machine.

One of the key differences between the Q500+ and the original Q500, is that the camera is more advanced (and it comes with microphone), the display of the controller is slightly larger.

It also comes with CGO2-GB+, which combines a 16MP, 1080p60 camera and a 3-axis brushless, attached to an anti-vibration gimbal.

Yuneec Q500 Is A Beginner Friendly Quadcopter

Piloting the q500 it’s relatively easy (beginner friendly) with the help of its 3 flight modes, with Smart Mode, you can fly a preset circle using GPS navigation, the Home Mode, as its name implies, returns home the drone automatically (specially useful for when there are some risk like low battery, or if/when the drone goes out of range), and of course there is the Follow Me function.

These are Backpacks Cases for Yuneec Typhoon 4K, they offer extra protection yo your quadcopter when you are traveling with them.(#ad)

HUL Backpack Case for Yuneec Typhoon 4K and Typhoon Q500 Drones

Pre-cut foam inserts with compartments for the drone, transmitter, batteries, charger, monitor, props etc.

HUL Aluminum Case for Yuneec Typhoon 4K and Typhoon Q500 Drones

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Some Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ Plus Specifications This drone it’s Designed for taking Aerial Photo and Video capturing 1080p Video at 60 fps ((adjustable 60, 50 or 48 FPS)) and take Take Up to 16MP Still Photos, Battery allows for up to 25 Minutes of flight, Aluminum Hard Case Included. Its weight is 1130g.

Which One Is Better, Yuneec Q500+ or a DJI Quadcopter?

So you can consider the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ is a good competitor to the DJI’s Phantom series, with a smaller price.

I hope this Typhoon Q500+ review be helpful to you comparing the models you are considering to purchase. There are very good review and critics of the Yuneec q500, and that makes sense because this multirotors flies great.

This q500 quadcopter comes with improved camera with capabilities to record sound, many people rave about the cool metal transport case that add beauty to this flying machine. 

With the Q500+, you will be able to capture amazing images and video footage for many recreational or professional uses

Get Your YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter

This quadcopter comes ready-to-fly (RTF) which means this version of the drone comes factory-assembled and that a pre-bound transmitter/ground station unit (radio controller) is included.(#ad)