Yuneec Q500 Typhoon VS DJI Phantom 3

Meet the Q500 Typhoon from Yuneec. Meet The DJI Phantom 3. Which one It's a better quadcopter for aerial video and photography.

The Yuneec Q500 With all it’s impressive features is definitely  a good competitor to the dji phantom 3 both in flight terms as for aerial filming capabilities.

Both Quadcopters Are Capable Of Recording Video Easily

Of course, since these two systems are intended for aerial photography, they share some features in common, like the built-in screen controller where you can easily record a video without dealing with other piece of additional equipment.

So with that being said If you’re interested in getting higher quality video (up to 4K), you may want to consider the Phantom 3 Professional, which can record video at three levels: High Definition (HD), Full High Definition (FHD), and Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Whereas the Typhoon Q500 only supports video in HD, this may be enough for drone enthusiasts that don't want to do professional filming.

What About Aerial Photography?

As for still photos, the Typhoon provides 16 megapixel images compared to the 12 megapixel images captured by the Phantom 3.

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Both Quadcopters Feature Return-to-Home and Follow-Me functions

Both quadcopters have the “Return-to-Home” remote feature (the drone will flight back to its starting position if the connection it’s lost with the controller).

Also Both models also include a “Follow Me” function (to follow the pilot’s movements guided by GPS) With a lower price the Yuneec Q500 is an excellent choice that comes with everything you need for capturing aerial videos.

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It’s a high quality flying machine with high quality construction and with a long flight time with all basic and advanced flight modes you could expect from high-end systems.

They Are Similar But Target A Different Audience

So the Q500 is an excellent drone, yes the DJI has some more advanced autonomous features, but they are mostly similar and both fairly easy to set up.

If you are looking for an entry model with higher quality as your first quadcopter, then definitely check out the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon. 

If you have to choose between these two great quadcopters you need to consider some key factors to consider.

Things like quality, functionality, ease of navigation, quality of output and even customer support from these two vendors. Of course one quadcopter is lacking in certain features while offer advantages on others.

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And even there are cases and reviews where people have migrated from DJI to Yuneec and from Yuneec to DJI.

Is Field Of View Important For You?

One factor that is very crucial when it's decision time for some drone enthusiasts is the field of views offered by them. They are much different, the DJI being 94 degrees and the yuneec being 115 degrees.

The DJI shows less picture and the yuneec showing more field of view. That's the difference in their FOV. Other's say the videos taken from a DJI Phantom 3 are much sharper and they are happy with the 1080P videos saying they are special.

Other users prefer a Q500 4K videos saying that the typhoon 4k looks cinematic, while the DJI Phantom 3 Professional just looks usual.

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