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The log alternative, requires a huge amount of work to be installed: walls torn out, the chimney to be laid, part of the roof taken up; But with a wall mount electric fireplace is much cheaper. It only needs to be mounted and plugged in. that's it!.

One of these models also works as a mini-heater. Instead of having to cut, load, and ignite logs like you would with a traditional fireplace, you instead only have to flip a switch and adjust the heat settings.

If you have never seen an electric fireplace, then you may not know that they look like authentic traditional models. When on, it looks like there are logs inside and they are on fire like they would in real fireplaces. If you want that fireplace feel but not the fireplace heat in the summer, most models also allow you to turn on the display without turning on the heat. So unlike log models, you can get that warm glow even if it is hot outside.

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A wall mount electric fireplace is an easy way to get the warmth and attractive accent a traditional fireplace would provide, but without the maintenance and other worries that they are burdened with. 

This is a great incentive for anyone who wants a fireplace, but simply does not have the room in their home to accommodate one. Because, a wall mounted model allows you to place it anywhere in your home, even in stuffy or crowded rooms, and still have space available for other things. 

Then consider a dimplex electric fireplace insert, this energy efficient electric fireplace heater comes with a patented flame technology.

It will display an almost like real flame effect, as if you were having a real fireplace right there inserted in your wall.

You won’t have any problems installing into existing opening at your home, and what is better is that you don’t need venting, or you don’t want to mess up with any gas hookup.

After the initial installation just have to plug the heater unit into your nearest household outlet, and voilá.

What is left then, just enjoy the warmth and coziness brought by the fire lighting these beautiful LED digital logs.

It’s very easy to operate the dimplex electric fireplace unit because you can be reclined in your couch and to use the remote control for turns the unit "on" or "off".

Your room will be heated in no time because heat is distributed by its built-in fan up, which is quiet, this way any large or small room will be fresh.

If you want an economic way of heating your house with increasing the electric bill, staying under your budget, then you won’t go wrong using a dimplex electric fireplace insert.

Some reviews confirm this is a good purchase, and they are right since they are one of the best wall mounted electric fireplaces in the market.

You don’t want to restrict its use just for extreme winter, because when it’s fall season you just want to use the half heat option, and for times when you don’t need a heater for other seasons then you can use the flame only only which is very beautiful.

So you have the option of operating without any heat just for decoration purposes.

This page is a review of the Dimplex wall mounted electric fireplace, I’m sure If you have sat in front of a burning fire, and in your mind it’s the vivid impression of that pleasurable and even romantic experience.

What this glass wall mounted electric heater does is to to warm any room in your home while reducing your electric bill at the same time. And other good indirect benefit is they are environmentally friendly fireplace that come at a low cost.

If you use one of these realistic electric fireplaces you will transform any space instantly, and since this insert fits most masonry fireplaces openings you won’t have installation problems.

And you will be able to enjoy the glow of a simulated fire without dealing with wood or gas.

Also comes with a built-in thermostat which anyone to control room temperature to optimal levels..

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Also make sure you read reviews to make an informed purchase decision.