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How many times does the remote control get lost at your house?
Where's the Remote, it’s one of the often repeated questions all nights in front of TV.

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If you are like most of us, it happens enough that at some point you have even had to buy a replacement remote control.

Until recently I thought it was just one of those things we were forced to deal with.

I was visiting a relative and when sitting in her living room, I noticed the most amazing thing, a remote control holder!

Of course she couldn't remember where she bought it but said she would be lost without it.
So my journey to buy a discount remote control holder for all my electronic gadgets began…

Naturally one of the first places I looked was Ebay because I know I can always find some of the best discounts there.

To my surprise there were more than 400 listings for remote control organizers, or wall mounted remote control caddy ranging in style, size, features and price, I started to narrow down which one would be best for me.

Ebay makes it easy to buy discount remote control holders for all your electronic gadgets, choosing just one may be the problem!

How Many Remote Controls Do You Have?

Time to add up all of your remotes used to operate all of your electronic gadgets!

Chances are you might have or have used a universal remote in the past but with the pace of technology, it seems almost impossible to keep them programmed to operate our newest electronic gadgets.

If you have cable or satellite TV, you have a remote for that, then one for the TV, one for the DVD or Blu Ray player and maybe you still have that VCR remote you use occasionally.

So add all that up and you know you need a remote control caddy that will hold at least four remotes.

Now if you own a game system or Santa is going to leave one under the tree, you may have to look further.

There are several remote control holders that will also house your other electronic gadgets, like your game systems.

You may also have an audio or sound system remote control that you need to keep up with.

Online vendors offer you rotating remote control holders, decorative remote control holders, ones that fit neatly over the arm of a chair or couch, there are some that actually hold photos or have extra room for those increasingly important reading glasses.

They are available in metal, wood, cloth, leather, you can even get a TAZ remote control holder!

It really just depends on your style and how many electronic gadgets you actually have. You may need more than one, especially if you have multiple TVs set up in different areas of the house.

If you have a gaming area set up, this might really help in keeping some of the accessories organized.

We all need a little more organization in our lives and with the new year around the corner, what better time. I went for the rotating remote control holder and I LOVE IT!

No more digging in the couch cushions, or threatening to hang (not really...maybe) the kids for losing the remote, and I am going for a second one that will work for gifts I cannot mention but I think you get the idea.

So don't spend a lot of money and time, shop Ebay and buy TV Remote Control Holder Wall Mount for your electronic gadgets!

And if you don't think you need one now, bookmark this site and come back after Santa has visited your house. Maybe you have been better than you think!

Although a Wall mount holder for remote control will simplify your life because you will get more organized maybe you don’t know the best place to look for nice TV remote holders?

But I hear you, finding the best TV remote control holders can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how or where to look for.

The market for this gadget is huge since people find frustrating to lose the TV remote, you have been there right?

Also the price of these practical devices is not expensive and the value it’s high since you won’t have this common problem, it doesn’t matter if you only have one remote or you suffer from remote control overload with six or more to keep up with..

You could find an ample variety of designs and styles available, such as armchair remote holders, tabletop caddies, bedside remote control organizers, so you will find a design that best suits your needs is important.

Also you need to keep in mind how many remotes you actually need to store in the holder and besides that how many other additional items you would like to have at your fingertips.
Consider if you want one that fits the decor of that room.

A Remote Control Organizer which is wall mounted will help you bring order to your living room and will end the common frustration of losing remotes everyday.

I don’t know how many times you have had to replace because after an endless search that gadget mysteriously disappear, so this amazing idea came to the rescue, now your remote holder that will keep all your remotes handy and under your control!

No more hours searching under couch cushions or the bed for that elusive device.

Now they will be visible all the time and within easy reach to just watch your favourite program.

Optionally if you don’t want a tv remote control holder (wall mounted or not) you could make use of a remote control wireless finder, they are also useful and you can find other elusive objects too such as keys, spare keys and wallets.