Walkera Transmitter Compatibility Radio FPV

Your Walkera radio transmitter is one of the most important pieces of your helicopter or quadcopter.

A RC Helicopter Gets Signals From The Radio Transmitter

As you can imagine, without the transmitter you cannot radio control (RC) or radio command your helicopter. The helicopter gets the signal in order to perform the intended functions the pilot sends using the transmitter.

It doesn’t matter if your Walkera transmitter is DEVO compatible or not, these 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum transmitters (DSS) are all you need for controlling your flying toy.

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When It Comes To Transmitters You Truly Get What You Paid For

As you can expect, the more you pay for one of these transmitters, the more features you can expect for piloting your heli. If you get a good radio controller, with good compatibility (walkera 12ch radio transmitter devo12, walkera 7ch devo7 radio transmitter), then you will have a device you can use for several years and even will be compatible for new models of walkera.

More Walkera Transmitters You May Use To Fly Your Walkera

Of course over the years transmitter will become better equipments, more versatility, with more exciting feature rich and probably costing less. It's economical, it works well, it looks good, the Walkera DEVO 7 2.4Ghz Digital Transmitter2.4GHz is the standard of new generation radio system.

It offers longer transmission distance, less interference, more stable radio transmission and less legal issue.

For traditional radio frequency, helicopters in same frequency cannot fly together because of interference. With 2.4GHz radio system, many helicopters can fly at the same time without interference.

Of course if you have a transmitter, you have to have a receiver on the other end of the game, so inside your quadcopter there will be a receiver battery, and servos which get radio signals from the controller and action mechanical movements in the parts to pilot your drone.

With a walkera transmitter you will have warranties and customer support for this important device. Transmitter can act like a USB drive.

More Useful Features For Your Walkera Transmitter

Things like managing models, configuration, icons, and themes is as easy as copying a file... No more need to use the Walkera DfuSe tool.

Fully configurable themes including bitmaps, fonts, and colors flexible transmitter configuration. Support up-to 12 channels on a Devo8; remap any switches or buttons to any purpose. 

Deviation tx supports multiple protocols. You can turn your affordable Devo transmitter into a powerhouse that supports dsmx and dsm2.

Using a Devo 10, we will show you how simple it to do the upgrade. Deviation is a replacement firmware designed primarily for the Walkera Devo® series RC Transmitters.

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While Deviation is heavily influenced both by the Walkera DEVO8 firmware as well as by the Flysky/Turnigy based ER9X firmware, it has been written completely from scratch to be easily portable and extensible.

The supported transmitters are the DEVO 6/6S/7E/8/8S/10/12/12S/F7*/F12E*

Do You Want A Walkera DEVO 7 Transmitter

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