Best Quadcopter With Camera For Beginners Micro Size

Do You want a quadcopter that is beginner friendly? One quadcopter that is easy to fly and specially made for you?

Nowadays It's Easier To Fly A Quadcopter

Many people are interested in this flying hobby because piloting one of these tiny marvels is fun. Manufacturers have made so easy to fly one of these quadcopter that this hobby is increasingly popular. You can even take pictures and capture footage from cameras installed in those quadcopters.

UAVs are becoming more and more common these days. This translates on more alternatives and choices the marketplace offer to both beginner and advanced drone enthusiasts.

How To Fly A Quadcopter Video

You can find many RC flying machines: quadcopters, drones, airplanes, helicopters and other alternatives.

Out of those flying machines, perhaps is best  to start out is the quadcopter. Their stability and easy-to-fly features are great for beginners.

Quadcopter use four motors and propellers to generate the thrust necessary to lift the drone and the main rotor does not require collective pitch and other mechanical complexities.

One Of The Best Quadcopters For People New To Flying Drones

For beginner, one of the best quadcopters is the Syma drone(#ad). This Syma quadcopter is very inexpensive and it's very easy to fly. It comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter so you are able to fly outdoors and get pretty good range.

The challenge of finding the right quadcopter for people who are just starting with this hobby is to find that drone that don’t overwhelm the inexperienced pilot with so many features and functions.

An easy way to transport your drone nested in its own control, very cool!(#ad)

ATTOP Mini Drone - RC Helicopter, Drone for Kids & Beginners

The size of the X-2 mini drone is quite small and can fit in your palm.

4DRC V2 Foldable Mini Drone for Kids Beginners

The drone will hover at the certain height when you release the throttle stick.

As you can imagine too many functions could result on a overwhelming experience causing stress because you are trying to learn so many things simultaneously instead of having fun with your UAV.

Tips For Choosing Your First Quadcopter

If you don’t have experience in the RC quadcopter market, trying to choose just one would seem a very difficult mission. There are some basic guidelines to help you to with your decision process.

More Great Quadcopters For Beginners

First of all is: how much can you afford for your first quadcopter? there are some entry level quadcopters (but very good quality) from $15-$19 that you can use to learn the basic movements and you can practice using the controller with.

The best of all it’s if you crash this quadcopter you won’t lose so much, but even if you manage to damage your quadcopter, there are a lot of retailer providing spare parts for almost all drones.

Even if you have the money for a high-end quadcopter like the DJI phantom 3, I recommend that you start with a cheaper one (but don’t confuse cheaper one with bad quality) in order to have a taste of the basic functions.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Flying Drones Plus Other Drone Flying Tips

Generally, the more entry level you choose, the more ease of use, and the lesser the learning curve. So coming back to the question of the best drones for beginners, we could rephrase the question as what are the best model for learning how to fly, aka not crashing every 5 minutes.

There Are Drones Both Affordable And Good Quality

So you need a drone that it’s cheap but durable, not high-end but very stable with gyro. Some suggestion are: Syma X5C The X5C is one of the best quadcopter you can start as a new pilot, because it’s very stable with a 6-axis control system, and has a built-in HD camera very good for photography and video capture.

Blade Nano QX 3D, which is good for flying both indoors and outdoors. The Hubsan X4 H107D: it’s lightweight but yet made from strong materials, and it comes with beginner-friendly controls, but the best it’s you can start with a FPV (first person view) monitor experiencing flying just by watching the monitor. So it’s very good as a learning machine.

This quadcopter offers a remarkable quality for what you pay. You can check the Hubsan Q4 Nano, it’s so tiny!. Cheerson CX10 this cx10 model it’s a good choice because it’s very inexpensive of approx. $20.

With a battery that allows you a flight time of 8-10 minutes. Other often asked question it’s what happens if I crash my drone, it’s game over? Well, the good news it’s that spare and replacement parts are available, and if you have good soldering skills (for motors), and you are able to read instructions you will find this almost every quadcopter it’s easy to repair.

Are you fan of nano sized quadcopter and helicopters? then check these nano quadcopters below(#ad)

FY804 Nano Drone Mini 2.4G 

Throw to fly, real 6 axis gyro. 2.4G 4CH transmitter and for your easy control

Tipmant Mini Infrared Induction Helicopters Hand Sensor

Auto Fly: Turning on the induction helicopter and putting it horizontally on your palm for 3 S, It will fly up vertically.

So in general, a beginner should start with a smaller drone (micro or nano), but keeping in mind stability and the possibility of piloting outdoors.

Feel free to watch the videos included in this post to find more tips that beginners can use to learn how to fly in the least time possible.

If you don't want the fear of crashing your drone cause you to not fly well, then purchase a very inexpensive one, gain experience with that entry level quadcopter and then upgrade to a more expensive version when you feel you are ready.

Get An Easy to Fly Quadcopter For Both Expert & Beginners Drone Pilots

When flying this drone you can watch live video feed of your flight from your iPhone or Android Smart mobile device with the FPV WiFi feature.(#ad)