Walkera Lama 400d Parts Battery Motor

Does your Walkera Lama 400d need some spare and replacement parts?

Crashes Are, Unfortunately, Part Of This Hobby

After your Walkera Lama 400d crashed, you noticed some damages in your blades and you want to replace them, but you don’t know where to get them.

This article will help you to know where start looking not only for propeller blades but for all those spare parts needed for fine tuning your helicopter (AKA upgrading).

Unfortunately some bad things could happen like crashes or minor flight accidents, causing malfunctions or broken or missing parts.

When Batteries Die Or The Motor Stops Functioning

Other times the battery simply dies or the motor is melted. But you cannot stop the fun, the show must continue. For that reason it's a good idea to have some spare extra battery or extra motor for fixing your flying toy ASAP.

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Stabile Flight Characteristics + Easy to Fly & Great  for Beginners

This doesn’t mean that the walkera mini lama is not a strong helicopter. Quite the contrary, the rotor heads are made with high strength aluminum alloy and the the main frame it’s made from glass fiber, also the tail support and tail fins are made from this same material, making the helicopter less prone to breaking. But as you may know by now, crashes happen and you need to replace some things. 

Now speaking of materials and durability, the blades are made of rigid plastic, which may break and crack more easily compared to softer versions of rotor blades.

More Cool RC Helicopters You May Want To Fly

This article include some spare parts you may need for fixing your Walkera helicopter. Remember that you can also purchase repair kits which tend to be more affordable and practical since comes with those often needed parts for repairing your Walkera.

This Walkera model looks like a professional helicopter with a cool looking canopy. This Lama 400D Walkera helicopter it is a Co-Axial model, which means it flies very easily, so if you are a beginner you too can enjoy the fun of Flying this wonderful machine.

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Walkera 400D Helicopter Test Flight

The Lama 400D is the biggest in it's class, we call this size the "400 Class" Helicopter, the total length is about 650mm. The Lama 400D flies extremely well, thanks to the oversize Rotor (497mm dia.) and dual high power 380PF motors, they are the most powerful power system for Co-Axial Helicopter.

Next video is a test flight of the Walkera 400D Helicopter. This amazing Co-Axial helicopter is equipped with 2.4G radio system and metal upgrades as well.

Replace The Main Gear Of Your Walkera Mini RC Helicopter

Couple this spare part with a Walkera ball linkage set and other replacement parts your mini helicopter is currently missing(#ad)