Walkera CB100 Helicopter Parts Review Frame Spares

Would you like to fly a walkera CB100 heli? Do you need some spare parts for this helicopter? Do you need upgrade its battery?

This Walkera It's A Beginner Friendly Quadcopter

After you bind your CB100 helicopter with the RC transmitter (with the battery of course) you can start flying this machine, and it’s a pleasure to flight, even for beginners.

This post contains a quick review of the features of the CB100. Those features make possible a very stable flight for this beautiful mini helicopter.

Enjoy Flying This Mini Helicopter Outdoor

Also it’s suitable for outdoor flying with a mild wind. With this Ready to Fly Super Mini Walkera CB100 Helicopter w/ Brushless Main and Tail Motors, you will enjoy a great time as a remote pilot!

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Marvel 3.5 Inch: Spider-Man

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It's a  micro radio controlled mini helicopter that come with all the necessary items inside. Since It is stable you can learn how to fly it in 1-2 days because stability means it's easy to fly.

Its overall length is only 216mm controlled by 2 x 3.5g only micro servos. The tiny 4-in-1 controller is integrated with Receiver, ESC, Gyro and Mixer with high sensitivity and strong resistance to interference.

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It's Made With Quality Durable Materials

Also the power indication avoids the crash caused by lack of transmitter electricity. This walkera it’s made from durable materials, the main body and also the blades, so if you are a first time pilot, don’t be afraid of a few little crashes or hit here and there.

Also you will enjoy some good flight times from around 5-9 mins. depending on wind conditions. You can maneuver your helicopter and perform backwards, circles, tail ins, nose ins.

Speaking of crashes, if your helicopter suffer any damages then you can easily replace those items (blades, propellers, brushless motor, batteries, canopy, little gears, receiver) using spare parts you can purchase from several online vendors specialized on RC stuff and hobbies or repair tool kits (crash kits).

Get A Good Carrying Case For Extra Protection

Also it’s a good idea to have a good and strong carrying case for transporting your Walkera, this way you will preserve your helicopter or drone in better shape.

The transmitter comes with a nice LCD screen but it’s not big deal. The 4-channels 2.4Ghz transmitter with over 100+ channels allows you to find different 2.4Ghz at the same time without collision.

In general you will have a fun time with this CB100 heli because it’s very crash resistant and it allows you to fly without any problems and with a good stability in almost all environmental conditions.

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Compact, lightweight, easy to install and operate

You could be a happy owner of this amazing helicopter (it comes in a Ready-To-Fly package, With compact 90 degree swashplate structure, the servo and other parts are easy to install.).

Also keep in mind one of the good things of this brand is that you will be able to find replacement parts in case you need to fix some parts after some crashes.

Imagine Flying A Walkera RC Helicopter

These helicopters have flybarless design. Featuring low power loss and great improvements in flight efficiency. It also has sophisticated 3-Axis gyro flybarless stabilization system automatically adjusts the controls for stable flight!(#ad)