Blade Nano QX Battery Mod Connector Upgrade Charger

If you want to do a battery upgrade for your Blade Nano QX quadcopter this article maybe useful for that upgrading task.

The Original Battery Of The Blade Nano QX Quadcopter Gives You A Reasonable Flight Time But...

As you may know the Nano QX RTF with SAFE® Technology comes with a battery of 3.7V 1S 150mAh 25C LiPo, which gives you a reasonable flight time.

One of the problems of this Battery it’s could run out quickly, and this could interrupt the fun often. Fortunately replacing or upgrading the battery is very easy and affordable too.

With Some Spare Batteries You Never Go Wrong

Btw, a very good tip is to keep several spares of batteries, this way you will keep the fun no matter how time do you want to pilot your Nano quadcopter.

Another good tip is always have a good charger at hand, you let the charger do its job while the other batteries are in use.

You can also get an USB Li-Po charger, which are very practical. (but I think a compact USB battery charger is included in the box.).

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Other Common Blade Nano Mods

The focus of this article is to learn how to perform a blade nano qx battery mod, but since it's a related topic, it makes sense to also consider upgrading motors after you upgraded your Blade Nano QX battery. After all you want better synergy between all related mechanical and electrical connector parts.

You'll always want better performance for your quadcopter. Upgraded batteries will also ask you for upgraded motor too.

Does Your Blade Nano QX Need New Batteries?

For example If you want more flying power for your Nano QX, a motor upgrade could not be made in a better time. Keep in mind that your motor upgrade should be made according to your level of mastery of the flying control. Meaning, if your nano has more power then you feel comfortable with, then you will have difficult time hovering the blade quadcopter, for example. So if this is your case, then upgrade the motor to less power.

Have Better Flight Experience With These Flight Modes

Now don’t worry too much about it because the The Nano QX comes with SAFE Technology, where you can choose one of the two flight modes that best suit your level: Stability Mode, with self-correcting characteristics, and Agility Mode, for more advanced users.

So if you are having a ton of fun with your Blade Nano but you want more flight time and better battery life, then upgrade your battery (Also it's possible to make some Battery Connector Mods) to the model most suitable for your needs, LiPo 205 mah/25C 1S for example, so these battery upgrades and mods are totally worth the price and they will take your Nano QX’S flight time to the next level, and more extra runtime (aka fun time) for you!

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Make sure watch the videos inserted here to learn tips, tricks and mods with the pfg frame with racing vid. Those videos are awesome so be sure to check them out!

Do You Need Replace The Lipos for Blade Nano QX 3D

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