Blade Nano QX Motor Upgrade Brushless Replacement

Upgrading the motor of your Nano QX will allow you to fly this quadcopter with the highest efficiency possible.

Check Some Things That Could Be Affecting Your Quad's Performance

Upgrading motors is a good idea but before that you need to review some things that could be bad with your quadcopter and could be blocking an optimal performance, specially with flight time issues.

Before we continue talking about Blade Nano QX problems and tips for improving its performance we want to tell you there are short videos included in this page describing how to troubleshoot and replace some parts of your Flight Nano QX quadcopter.

Online Video Tutorials Are A Great Way To Learn To Fix Your Quadcopter

So if you feel more inclined to watch a video than to read please watch the videos included in this page.

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You need to check if there is a bad motor, how? you can see if one the motors is getting hotter than the other one. As you can guess this scenario could lead a severe reduction of  flight time because could mean a good amount of  current is being wasted.

Is The Battery You Are Using The Best?

Before you change motors you need to check if your battery is the best you can use, the one that comes with the package is not good, so you can change batteries.

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And of course, if you upgrade motors, then you need to upgrade the battery in order to have enough energy for the extra power. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that a motor with greater speed and power will cause stability issues at those times you are trying to hover your quadcopter. These upgraded motors are designed for moving a lot faster through the sky not for hovering!

Now, you can get motors that are slower in order not to cause vibration and oscillation while hovering, but are faster than the stock ones, that could be the best of both worlds.

Learn The Correct Color Coding Of The Upgraded Motors

Speaking of stock motors, you need to make sure you know the correct color coding for the wires because the color coding of the upgraded motors is reverse of the stock motors from blade (strange but that’s what it is), so keep that in mind because you don’t want to run your motors in reverse, slowing performance and reducing life span.

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As a guide for installation (or for motor replacement) use this: The front right and the rear left on a Nano QX need clockwise motors. (red +, blue -); The counter clockwise motors. (white +, black -) are for the The front left and the rear right on your nano.

Another good tips for better performance is to use the best props you can use, because damaged props could cause the motor to run very hot, which of course affect efficiency and lifespan or even causing other performance problems.

The potential problems with bad props is too much vibration. Vibration= waste of energy.

So if you want to take your tiny blade QX to the next level, you can upgrade and replace your motors Less than $30 (four motors per upgrade order, 2 CW and 2 CCW rotation).

We hope the tips presented in this page will help you to find the best setup for your Blade Nano QX quadcopter, and of course we also hope you could find solution to those problems related with the motor of this drone.. 

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