Squatty Potty Adjustable Toilet Squatting Stool For Better Bowel Movements Poop Squatter Trainer Bathroom Posture

If you want a healthy colon then make sure you have better bowel movements.

An improper toilet posture is not ideal for your health, especially for your digestive system.

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I’m sure you have researched the Squatty Potty toilet stool and there you read how using a toilet stool can be useful for helping you to relief straining issues such as pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, hemorrhoids IBS and hemorrhoids.

It may sound strange and even you may feel uneasy at first, but after a few uses you will notice the difference as the body adjusts itself to the new proper position for popping and you‘ll realize your elimination time will be quicker and smoother and even relaxed (so no more constipation).

So using this poop squatting stool will become second nature in no time.

A proper way of pooping (position and frequency) can have a significant impact in having way better bowel movements. western societies are mostly doing it wrong when it’s time to adopt the ideal position for this vital organism function.

By Squatting while you’re pooping places your knees closer to your torso relaxing and straightening your rectum, maximizing this way the efficiency and comfort of fecal elimination, or at least preventing fecal stagnation.

Among the commercial devices made to enable you to squat easier is the squat stool for toilet.

These devices have emerged, designed to help you to get the proper squatting position.

This inexpensive foot stools allows you to assume a more natural squat posture over your toilet.

If you use the Squatty Potty bathroom poop stool you will have a wonderful health resource for you and the entire family.

You will be able to eliminate stools faster just by the fact of putting your body into the most natural position (which is squatting) over your own toilet, things will be way more easier because your rectum will be adopting an elimination mode.

Just imagine the relief of reducing straining and constipation preventing hemorrhoids and other diseases such as bowel herniation and others.

The way it works is by aligning your lower digestive tract for a comfortable (and even enjoyable) and complete elimination.

While this bathroom toilet stool is not a decorative thing it comes with an attractive, ergonomic and discreet design that will allow you to tuck it under your toilet bowl when not in use.

A squatty potty-toilet stool device is very useful for squatting for proper toilet posture without risk of falling because you are not used to this healthy position.

It’s truly made for all the family, adults and children alike, and why not, it could be used as a toilet training aid because it provides your little ones with support for their feet and they won’t have to grab the dirty toilet seat for balance.

Also look for a toilet squatting stool that be durable and easy to clean.

so if you are having constant bowel problems: such as constipation, bloatedness, diarrhea, and even stomach cramps and you have visited specialist doctors and practitioners to no avail, maybe the solution is to change the way you are seated when you are going to the bathroom to eliminate.

That’s the purpose of this squatting stool for toilets, it helps you to adopt the right squatting position for making things easier for your body when it’s time to defecate.

Another good advice to look for if when you’re going to the bathroom to experience another towel-rail grabbing experience, is to increase your consumption of fibre (no soluble fibre).

Fibre will help you to poop quite easy, use proper posture and good food to make pooping experience even enjoyable.

Also having a good bathroom rgoing routine is very important, so if you are eating in a consistent way then you will notice you will have better pooping time.

So as mentioned earlier, adopt a Proper Toilet Posture for Better bowel movements, your body will thank you for this.

Staying regular is crucial for your bowels to stay healthy removing waste from your body regularly.