Lice Comb Nit Removal Nit Free Terminator Stainless Steel Fine Tooth Head Louse

If your child is complaining about that itchiness in her scalp and after a search you found out some crawling insects in her scalp, you are wondering if this could be lice, oh the horror your children should not have lice.

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Now you are looking for the best comb for lice removal, after all combing it’s a zero cost method for treating head lice (but some people like to use medication for head louse).

Parents like combs since they are the traditional method for an effective head lice removal, definitively you don’t want to see see your children scratching their scalp very often.

As you may know, head lice and nits are simply human parasites that feed themselves on small amounts of blood, they do that by piercing the scalp skin using their small sharp claws and after that they start to suck the blood.

And that’s not a good thing for your your kids well being.

A fine tooth comb (look for ones made of stainless steel) for lice and nits is one of the most traditional methods for bug elimination from scalp, both for children and adults alike.

Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between lice and dandruff because both of these cases present itchiness in the scalp as a symptom.

In order to identify lice, you have to notice tiny gray colored insects crawling in the scalp of your little kid (adults could also have lice).

If you are certain you’ve seen lice and nits on their heads then now you can apply proper treatment, the first being using the best comb for lice and nits.

While the hair is still wet (for example after taking a bath) is a good moment to divide the whole hair area into small sections and start combing using a fine toothed head lice comb.

Please make sure you wipe out comb first before going to the next section of hair, this way you are not inserting those nits and nymphs into next section.

By combing lice and nits (they are lice eggs attached to the shafts of the hair), you will eventually remove all lice and nits off your kids scalp, this method requires patience and persistence.

You start by wetting the hair; One little useful tip here is to add a little rinse or conditioner in order to facilitate the movement of a nit or lice comb (which is a fine tooth) through the hair.

It’s better if you focus your search (at least initially) on removing every bug you find.

Afterwards focus on removing eggs and any bugs you may have missed on your first removal session.

For best results, do things in the following order in on sitting: comb the hair, then rinse, then comb a second time. If you do this for 2 or 3 days in a row then you will eliminate those parasites.

Nits are oval shaped and generally they hatch between seven to fourteen days becoming lice or Nymphs.

Since you came here looking for the best comb for head lice (or the best treatment for head lice) you are determined to get rid of that plague from your home (and your children scalp).

The disadvantage of combing is that you need to manually remove lice and lice eggs one by one.

If you use a chemical method such as medicated lice shampoo, you still need to comb in order to find the dead bodies.

If you consider using medicated lice shampoos keep in mind you don’t have a guarantee at all to remove head lice completely because there might be nits and new hatched eggs from time to time.

So you have to keep in mind re infestation of lice so you still have to do a comb search in order to remove the lice and nits eventually.

Using tweezers is another alternative for head lice removal, of course this method requires much patience during the process.

One tip for disposing lice and nits is by sticking them unto a wide masking tape, and after that you throw them in the trash.

If lice are stick to bedding at home then wash them in hot water.

If you are looking where to buy the nit free terminator lice comb, then below there are links you can follow to make your purchase of this item for your lice treatment.