Wine Racks And Cabinets Basement Storage Rack Wall Decorative Furniture Glass Stackable

Some people prefer to have a wine cooler, others prefer, just because is more practical to have a good basement wine storage rack (or even in the garage if space is not enough down there).

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Having a good wine rack or cabinet in your home also serves as a decorative purpose since this kind of furniture comes with a beautiful design the complements nicely any other home bar furniture or kitchen decor.

So having said that, let’s consider these modern designs of wine racks and cabinets where you could neatly display your collection of wine, adding that special touch to the décor you already have in your basement.

This wine storage solution tends to be a low cost alternative to the more expensive cooler.

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But let’s think about this what do you want a cooler right now since you don’t want to serve the wine (or any other alcohol beverage for that matter) right away, so you don’t need a cooler just a good rack furniture for organizing your bottles.

Another good tip, if you can afford it, is to keep your wine stored on wine racks in your basement, but at the same time you can use a more ornate wine rack for your living room or kitchen.

For storing that wine that is almost ready to use, just select a few bottles from your basement cabinets at a time, this way elements of your living area won’t change wine's character and taste.

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There are so many different kinds and designs of basement storage cabinets and wine racks available in the marketplace for wine enthusiast and connoisseurs.

Also you can purchase them with different materials like metal or wood.

If you are going for the metals ones, then select those with heavy duty metal construction, so they are sturdy and strong enough for bearing many bottles, so the point is they are built to last.

Most of the time these metal wine racks are painted or covered with black powder-coat finish which helps to compliments your current design in a simple way.

Many of the wine and liquor storage racks and cabinets made of metal come in an endless variety of designs due to the nature of the metal (malleability, durability, ductility) from elegant circles, spirals, flowering vines, and other beautiful wrought iron feature.

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You surely will find the best wine racks for the wall of your basement or other room of your home.

Also, if you want, you can opt for a glass one, they are both modern and elegant, so maybe this option is not for your basement but for other room with more visibility such as your kitchen or living room.

Another good option for choosing the best best wine rack for your basement is to go for a wooden racks, only wood can that traditional yet classy touch that no other material rack can give.

There are so many different types of wood you could use for this project or ready made furniture, such as cider or other kind of wood that only specialists could advise you to choose for better results, not necessarily for decoration purposes.

If you are planning to build a small wine cellar (for aging your wine) down there in your basement, then wine racks could be your best solution for storage, but you also need to keep in mind other factors for the proper cellar setting, such as ideal temperature and humidity.

One tip you want to keep in mind when you are storing wine for aging purposes, is to use a rack that allow you to keep wine bottles horizontally, thus the cork will be moist all the time, so the bottle remains air tight and your wine will remains safe and sound all the time

Speaking of design, is just matter of personal preference since there are simple and straightforward designs whereas you also could find others with intricate design and lavish appearance.

If you have means, or you know who is the ideal person for this job you can also get your rack customized for your specific needs, using your chosen materials and colors.

Please consider wine racks with doors in order to keep sunlight away, and his way you can naturally regulate humidity.

So for these very same reasons choose those models that come with solid wood doors or cellarettes that have lids on them.

So if you came here to look for the best wine racks design, then browse below and take a look on the options presented here, read reviews of past customers and choose your perfect basement wine rack or any other decorative wine racks furniture you want.