Retractable Stainless Steel Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount Automatic Connectors Parts Heavy Duty

It’s a cool trick to use an eyeball to guide the hose back to the hose reel and a nice surprise at the end of the video!

Good idea if you have a cheap manual hose reel and you want to improve its functionality when you are trying to pull the hose to the side. It's a good way of taking advantage of long hoses that comes with manual reels with a DIY guided system.

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You basically have two kinds of hose reels: The automatic retractable garden hose reel that is self guided back to the reel, but is limited by the length of the hose you can put on them because the spring take up so much space.

But they have this great guided system of rollers to allow the hose come in and out easily.

Another alternative is a mechanical or a manual hose reel, where you have to manually operate them.

The disadvantage comes when you try to pull the hose from the sides, then it become tangled with the spokes of the reel. The video shows how to solve that with a simple Eyeball.

If you are looking for a metal (or specifically stainless steel) garden hose reel cart for your next garden project, then click the link below to find several good options that could meet your current gardening needs.