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Inox Kitchen Tools

Inox kitchenware offers high-quality steel kitchen utensils that are rust resistant. ‘inox’ comes from a French term denoting stainless steel (in French – “acier inoxydable”).

A good utensil set is perfect for every kitchen. You'll find the inox kitchen equipment very sturdy and of good quality and you'll also love the look of these utensils. 

This company offers an immense range of professional kitchen utensils and cookware that, short of doing the cooking for you, will certainly make your cooking experience much easier.

More Inox Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils You Can Use...

Maybe you need an inox stainless steel cookie scoop or stainless steel and aluminium saucepans, roasting pans, stock pots, woks and much more.

Or if you want to find the manufacturers & ice cream scoop suppliers‎ you need for your business.

There are many inox kitchen tools, such as spoons, tongs, spatulas, pasta server, serving spoons, turner spatula, whisk, ladle, strainer, ice cream scoop... these and many other tools you'll find in a Inox stainless steel cookware set. They are designed to achieve great cooking results with ease.

They all help up to everything that you need in your kitchen. You'll like the size of each piece as they feel steady and comfortable in your hand, and for saving up space these utensils could also be hung, with orifice in the handle for easy storage.

These stainless steel cookware wash up nicely. They have an exquisite finish in brushed stainless steel and black silicone coupled with a contemporary design.

Speaking of a good inox stainless steel ice cream scoop. It's perfect for serving, it is just the right size for moving and serving small pieces of food from pots or pans, as well as being an excellent utensil for serving sauces, purees...

It is made in one piece, which makes it sturdier and easier to wash.

The extensive range covers all cookware from prep through to plating up. Cutting boards, mixing bowls, utensils and more through to frying pans, gastronorm pans, serving boards and barware. Perfect for households, chefs and restaurants.

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Explore cookware, bakeware, utensils and accessories that are passionately put together to fill your kitchen with everything you need to cook with pleasure. They are dishwasher safe.

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