Staedtler Mars Plastic Combi Eraser Review

Staedtler Mars Plastic Combi

Are you looking for the Best erasing performance with little wear for your drawing project?

Experience the practically residue-free erasing of this Staedtler mars plastic combi eraser where you will get fine results when it's time to correct. No discoloration on paper.

The two-sided Staedtler Mars Plastic Combi Eraser removes both graphite and drawing ink cleanly and completely with little wear.

This Staedtler Mars Eraser has a white part for using on paper and overhead transparencies and a blue part for using on drawing ink on paper and matte drawing film. It has an elastomer construction for less mess since it produces minimal crumbling.

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The high-quality, phthalate- and latex-free materials in this Staedtler Rasoplast Combi eraser make for a long-lasting and efficient product that won't discolor your work or crumble. Size is 2 1/2" x 7/8" x 7/16" (23W x 65D x 13H mm) and Product Weight is 0.0215 kg.

Premium quality for first-class erasing performance. It comes with a sliding sleeve which allows for convenient handling (this sleeve can protect the eraser but can also become rather ratty over time). Protective PP-film (cellophane wrapper) has a practical tear-and-open strip.

Since leaves minimal crumbling you will find it's very easy to remove residues, which reduces risk of damage in your paper.

Also you can use the blue section of the staedler for erasing India ink on transparent or translucent paper (vellum) and matte drafting film, use the white side for easily removing graphite marks cleanly and completely from paper, It's one of the best erasers for pencil, high-quality, you get what you pay for. 

The white end has the familiar soft, flexible feel of most erasers, while the blue end is harder and has a rougher texture. The eraser is imprinted over its entire length (on the top and bottom) with the Staedtler logo.

Now regarding the BLUE part of any blue eraser, this is what I found online: Ask anyone why there's a blue part on your eraser, and they'll probably say that it's to remove pen marks. But this isn't quite true. Sure, sometimes the blue side could successfully get the pen off of the paper, but if you press even slightly too hard it's going to go through your thin lined paper in a second.

The blue parts of the eraser are still for pencil, but were originally intended to be used to remove markings from a heavier stock of paper. So they were ideal for your sketch pads and other thick pages that may not have worked as well with the softer erasers.

This Staedtler mars plastic combi eraser review features a product that is age-resistant made with efficient production “Made in Germany” making it a durable option. Phthalate and latex free for added peace of mind.