Sargent Art Crayons Watercolor Pencils

Sargent Art Crayons - They Color Well

If you are trying to achieve that special effect in your drawings, then this Sargent Art crayons set will help you to achieve those exceptional results.

The unique formulation of Sargent Art Water Color Crayons lets you color and then use a wet brush to achieve special watercolor effects.

Standard size crayons, perfect for home or classroom! Made in the USA

The crayons are contained in an easy-to-use sleeve package that contains tips for creating watercolor effects. The crayons measure 3-5/8" long × 5/16" (92 mm × 8 mm) diameter.

Bulk packaged in sturdy boxes for ease of use, distribution and convenient storage. Students can use these economical and high-quality crayons.

Would You Like One of These Sargent Art Watercolor Pencils...

Sargent Art watercolor crayons are sold in several sets for your convenience. Best-Buy Assortment.

Set of 8 - This set includes 8 different watercolor crayons: one each of Black, Dark Brown, Violet, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Green, Red, Orange No. 3, and Chrome Yellow. Pack includes

Set of 12 - This set includes one each of White, Chrome Yellow, Salmon Pink, Cadmium Green, Light Blue, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Black, Dark Brown, Orange No. 3, Red, and Rose Pink. A brush is also included.

Set of 24 - Sargent Art 24-Crayon Tuck Box contains superior quality crayons for school and home use. This set is one of the most popular items in their line. Crayons are non-smudging, non-flaking and are laboratory tested to provide true color coverage. Each tuck box includes 24 Crayons.

Pack of 400 crayons - Sargent Art Best Buy 400-Count Crayons are vibrantly colored and of superior quality. Crayons are non-smudging, non-flaking and laboratory tested to provide true color coverage.

8 colors included, 50 of each: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, and Black. Crayon Size: 3.625-inch by 0.3125-inch. AP Certified. Bulk packaged in brilliantly colored, sturdy displays. 

Believe me, These crayons are higher quality compared to those from the dollar store. They offer a very good value for the price and they work as intended, kids will be delighted using them.

With all above sets of water crayons you will achieve amazing watercolor effects. You can Apply them wet or dry. They are non-toxic & AP Certified. Artist quality pigments blend easily with water. The tip of the crayon can also be dipped in water before drawing.

Get your prefered Sargent Art Watercolor Crayon Set and use the crayons to achieve watercolor effects with a wet brush or damp sponge.

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If instead of sargent art crayons you are looking for Sargent Watercolor pencils, then you can rest assured of the good quality of these colored pencils. 

This page doesn't offer a sargent art watercolor pencils review because is more focused on crayons. But if you want pencils instead then the Internet offers many places where you can find the Sargent Art watercolor pencil set that meets your current needs. You can simply search Amazon or go to or

These watercolor pencils from Sargent Art are great for beginners, for both price and easy to use, but they have the quality standard of professional pencils.