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Are you planning for your next fun family camping activity?

There are endless adventures you can take with your family and your dog. If you are going don't leave your "Man's Best Friend" at home. Our pets are already major companions in our lives, so it's all the more fun to make memories away from home with them, and get funny videos.

For pet lovers who wants to let their pet enjoy camping, beach getaways or spending a day on theme parks, these tents could be a comfortable temporary snug for your cats or dogs. Its always a good choice to invest in a good quality portable pet tent you can use any time during outdoor activities as well as indoors in any given season.

great! spend time outdoors is one of the best things we can do in family together friendly, and it's the perfect opportunity for creating more bond among family members.

An outdoor dog needs a place to sleep that's sheltered from the weather. Simply placing a dog inside a fenced kennel isn't enough. That's little better than prison. An outdoor dog needs a solid doghouse.

Dogs, and other small pets, are so part of the family that when it’s time to go camping we want to take them camping with us?

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They are a wonderful camping companions, so in order to spend the best time of your lives, you should pre plan your trip as careful as possible.

The marketplace offer good dogs camping equipment that will make your next even more enjoyable, because if our four-legged friend is happy everyone is happy too.

Keep in mind though, that is not simply a matter of loading up the camping equipment for our dog into the car.

We first have some few things to consider just to improve the chances of having a fun adventure.

One thing is for sure, dogs really love to spend time with the family outdoors, they like to move to run fast and they like let out joyous barks whenever they are in the open field.

So why not ease the trip for our pets offering a good quality camping equipment, that offers them safety and comfort while we are getting to the camping plan.

Donut dog beds are be one of the most comfortable for many pets. As the name suggests, it's shaped like a donut with raised sides. If your dog enjoys curling up to sleep, the double donut style may be the best option. The perfect gifts for donut lovers. Let your dog enjoy camping!

Look for a good portable dog kennel specially designed for camping and you (and your dog) will be glad you brought that piece of equipment.

You don’t want to be exposed to the risks of having a dog loose inside your car and not inside a crate. It’s not only for safety reasons but for your own comfort.

So next time you are looking for pet camping supplies, ask some friends who are also pet owners for advice In regards for the best dwelling place for your pet while you are in your camping trip.

If they have more experience with you they could suggest you some good tent camping equipment for your dog.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to bring with you some good snacks for your dog, that’s a must especially if your dog is not accustomed to eat the same food as you. Getting the correct dog food will ensure that they have a healthy and complete diet.

And besides of the pet food, don’t forget required medicines, toys, treats, water, bowls, a good dog bed or crate, plastic bags, soap, first aid kit, and other things your pet may need.

A good advice is to settle your dog in, once you arrive at the campsite even before you set up camp.

Also don’t force your pet to follow you over tricky paths, you know when your trip will entail a lot of hiking time, if those trails are not safe for your dog, because there are areas with uneven terrain and narrow ledges it’s better to leave our little friend at the campsite.

For that specific reason is a good idea to get a portable dog fence for safeguarding your pet while you are hiking.

It’s a good idea to check the camping site policy regarding pets, some states will allow pets to be there, other not, and the one that allow them could require some nominal fee, so check accordingly beforehand.

This small fee is mainly charged to cover those extra expenses related with the additional cleaning involved when pets are inside the campground.

If they allow pets, then proceed to read the rules of the campground regarding pets and those sites you are planning to visit during camping time.

So the first thing is to find a campsite that allow dogs, keep in mind if they allow dogs then maybe they are not allowed on trails.

Keep in mind those restrictions and to plan what you need to bring with you for a better camping trip.

Many of the dog friendly campsites require proof of shots and vaccinations, so have that information ready.

Having said that, lot of campgrounds are dog friendly, and even offer services targeted to them.

One of the rules for a pet friendly camping spot, it is to bring the pet inside a portable dog crate or cage, inside a vehicle (always make sure there is a good source of air), or at least on a leash.

Just for safety precaution and to not cause disturbance of other campers, for example your dog is not supposed to walk on trails unattended.

All the time, your dog has to be under your control of the owner.

I you think these rules are too strict, then remember that some camping spots, even don’t allow pets on the campgrounds, so it’s like take it or leave it kind of situation!

Many campsites acknowledge is not safe for many pet owners to leave their pets at home, so they have decided to allow dogs just for the reason the family to enjoy the camping trip as much, and not be constantly wondering how are things with the pet at home.

Plan things as better as possible to allow your dog to have as much fun as you do, a good portable dog kennel for camping it’s always a good idea.