Manhattan Toy Hand Puppets Playhouse Theater

One of the best ways to teach your little children so many good things is using cool hand puppets, it's fun to watch how those furry animals entertain your kids with creativity and imagination.

These hand puppets are cute, funny and easy to work with. Your little ones will love them. Also they are made with good quality stuff, so no worries of tearing off bits or popping seams or looking bad made.

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Made with the softest furry fabrics. The only way to appreciate them is by touching and feeling the toys! These ultra-soft hand puppets inspire imagination and creative storytelling.

By using the right puppets you will allow your children to have lots of laughs while stimulating learning, visual and emotional intelligence filled with creative expression.

Manhattan Toy is a company specialized on detailed finger puppet toys designed to entertain your audience (your little children) who will ask you for more performances, and who says that adults won’t enjoy those precious moments of dramatized funny stories.

The Paw-riffics bring a fun flare to the Manhattan Toy hand puppet collection. All of their products are innovatively designed to foster imaginative play and delight the little ones.

Enhance your children's learning experience at home using colorful animals to teach him/her how to count, nice songs and beautiful stories. It will be a funny interactive learning and playing experience with your kids, I tell you they will ask you for more after you finish your first story.

Learning by games it’s an excellent way of helping your kid to enhance his cognitive development. Not only that, teaching won’t be boring anymore because sometimes you will tell stories, such as bedtime stories, but other times you let these funny (and sometimes crazy) hand puppets deliver the goods in a funny way, they even will ask the puppet what happens next.

Manhattan Toys puppets are designed with a visually rich array of stimulation, also your kids will learn to pay attention and the opportunities for imaginative exploration involving stories and funny experiences using these finger puppets in the theatre.

The hand puppet by manhattan toy are adorable (well some of them), I even like the adjective some of them have: they are paw-terrifics! This like other Droidimals are soft, full of craziness and perfect as activity toys.

They come with a lined pocket from where the children or parent operate the mouth of the toy. Their quality is good and instantly will draw the attention of your kids, also they come with surface-washable high-quality plush.

In conclusion, your kids will love these puppets because they will allow to explore their creativity during fun narrative moments, it’s a fun play while they watch the hand puppets performing in the playhouse theater.

These hand puppets come with full body, so they are nice even when not used as a puppet toy but a stuffed cute animal. You can use for entertaining your baby and for Older kids narrative moments and storytelling will be their delight.

What is funny (and useful too) is those puppets come with their own unique personality, pay attention to the hair, their color, default expression, and you could choose the best one for your kids or also your pets. Even your dog could enjoy the show of these toy puppets dancing and singing around the theater. And after the show, your dog could enjoy a refreshing yoga session.

I tell you, these finger puppet characters are one-of-a-kind, some of them will produce instant joy just for watching without them opening their little mouths.

I also include some Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy just in case you want something more for little babies under 1 or 2 years old.

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