Little Boys Zipper Ties

If you don’t want your little boy to tie and re-tie his tie each and every time he needs to wear one for a special, or formal occasion, then these boys zipper ties are the ones you need to make yours and the life of your kids simpler.

There are ties for boys and little boys (all ages and sizes). You can find ties in three lengths, a lot of solid colors and a big number of unique and fresh designs. Nobody will know the difference between a zipper tie and a conventional tie.

The only difference it’s the former one has a permanent knot like a clip on tie, this is what will make your life simpler, because you won’t have to re-tie your kid’s tie every time he needs to wear a formal dress, you will adjust the band that goes around the boy’s neck, keeping the tie firmly in place.

Of course, you can further adjust the size of the loop using the zipper. How do you adjust the zipper tie? I can tell you it’s an easy process. You have to slide the zipper up, while you hold firmly the small end of the tie and slide the knot up. It’s a simple locking mechanism but effective. Zipper ties zip up rather than being clipped-on or tied.

So Zipper ties will save you a lot of time because it will be easier for little boys to keep their ties on. Also, the zipper is nylon and won't break You can purchase Solid Color Zipper Ties for boys of all ages and sizes, like the 11” with a 2.5” width for little or young boys from 2 to 5 years old, the 14” ties with a 2.75” width for boys from 6 to 10 years old, and the intermediate 17” for older and big boys.

An easy solution for your kids is a zippered neckties are neck wear that's easy to put on and go. In fact, your young man can do it himself without waiting for a grown-up to go through the complicated steps of tying a traditional tie. The zipper on a youth zipper tie is hidden behind the front tie section, and a permanent knot means no sloppily knotted ties.

Simply place one hand over the knot to hold it in place, and use the other hand to slide the hidden zipper upwards until you get the perfect fit. Check to see that the knot sits squarely over your topmost collar button, and you're done.

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The tie size is measured from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie. The beauty of a zipper tie it’s that comes with a pre-tied knot (so you don’t have to tie a know each and every time, great timesaving!) and will look like a normal necktie, nobody will note any difference.

The zipper in the tie tail allows you to adjust the collar to expand and fit over the head without any problem. There also sizes charts that help you to choose the right size of tie for your kid, but if you want the best fit then simply measure the child from the top of the collar to the waist.

Let Your Child Showing Great With A Tie Or A Bow Tie

This is another set of instructions could help you to use a zipper tie: release or free the zipper by holding the knot in one hand while you give a slight tug to each side of the neck loop, this will free the zipper little by little, but don’t try to do it very hard because you can break the zipper.

Now to use the zipper tie, you simply have to wide the loop by moving the zippered tail up in order to fit the tie over the head (you make the loop larger by holding the knot while pulling on the loop). After that you just adjust the band under the collar and tighten the tie by pulling down the tail holding the small end and lift the knot.

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And this is a little tip I found while searching online: if you rub the zipper with candle wax then the this will tend to work smoothly. Another tip is to purchase ties made of 00% Polyester Microfiber, this way they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, because as you know by now, big boys and little boys sometimes spill, LOL.

And this is also good: If you are going to a special occasion as a family then consider that both Dad and son wear matching ties, this is fun for events like christmas or family parties. Speaking of christmas, don’t forget the issue focused on ties for christmas, specially for men with ties like Jerry Garcia and other fun and crazy designs, of course there are christmas ties for kids too!

Not only these zipper ties for kids will make your life easier because they come pre-tied in the perfect permanent knot, but they also have a zipper mechanism, making the neck size infinitely adjustable, so it’s perfect for your boys. So get your kids one of these for christmas, or for school on occasion, holiday concerts, They are easy to use, buy 2 or 3 different colors and patterns.

They come with great quality and they make your kid looks very handsome. And if you have never learned how to tie a tie, this zipper ties are easily adjustable and won’t give you any problem.

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