Chef Coats And Hats For Kids

Your children don’t want a chef costume, what they really want is to feel like a real chef in the kitchen, with a chef coat with a size made specially for kids. Of course your children want a full chef uniform, complete with hat, aprons and even a knife and cooking set.

Won’t you be full of pride when your little kid helps you in the kitchen looking as a professional with a white double breasted, eight pearl button traditional chef coat? Kids can learn, practice and perfect good cooking skills wearing one of the white (or black or red or berry) cotton chef coats size and specially designed just for kids, lightweight for they feel comfortable wearing one.

Below I will talk about personalization and custom embroidery for making each coat unique and special. Don’t worry about your spillovers and spots, you can have your kids to wear a pint size apron to keep the coat clean and white.

These aprons come in several colors to match the colored kids chef coats and come with big pockets for holding chef utensils. With this junior chef collection, you will be encouraging interest in your children for cooking and keeping his mind busy doing things that will help him/her as adult.

With this chef clothing made with the same quality of professional chefs you will make your kids feel like they are cooking for real and not simply playing or pretending. These chef jackets and pants are authentic just a little smaller, but are made for durability just like the adult versions.

Another option to dress your little chef (girl/boy) in the kitchen is with a cute apron!(#ad)

KAF Home Child's Hostess Apron, Cupcake

Matches Adult Apron for fun mom & me time in the kitchen.

Cute Apron in Unique Fun Dog Print for Little Cooks

Keeps child dry, clean and cute looking!

You can combine the chef coat with the traditional black and white checked pants, and hat to complete the set for your little aspiring chef, doesn’t matter age or size. Look around this magazine to explore some really beautiful chef jackets and pants for kids all sizes, with nice themes and patterns.

With this Chefwear specially made for kids your little kid or toddler can sport the same amazing look as you in the kitchen. Some sizes for this coats are: XS(2T-4T), S(4-5), M(6-7), L(8-10), XL(12), also these coats come with “French Cuffs” allowing the sleeves to be folded back to a length that is comfortable for your kid (Long sleeves with turn-up cuffs).

Do You Like See Your Little Child With A Beautiful Original Chef Jacket?

So you won’t have excuse for not having a little helper with you cooking delights, because now you know there are kid-sized versions of classic and traditional chef coats. These jackets are made of soft Poly/cotton used by professional coats, they are Wrinkle-resistant and stain resistant made with soil-release fabric and Performance fabric panels that have great washability, and they come with Two-section sleeve pocket.

Just choose the color and personalization that goes with your children style. Speaking of personalization, you can make your kid’s chef uniform extra special for him/her. Just imagine your kid reading some embroidery like ‘executive chef’, ‘cupcake queen’ on their apron.

These playful chef deluxe cooking kits are the perfect toy to keep your child entertained for hours.(#ad)

Curious Chef 16-Piece Cupcake and Decorating Kit

Cupcake and Decorating Kit is a fantastic collection of cupcake making tools for young ones to engage beginning baking.

Playful Chef Deluxe Cooking Kit With Blue Apron

With five great tasting recipes included, it will teach your child great tasting, healthy recipes. Recipes include: great start breakfast pizza, top banana muffins, fantastic fish sticks and dip, twice-baked mini potatoes, and sugar cookies.

This nice touch can encourage even more your kid to pursue cooking with you, again the name of the game isn’t pretending they are playing to the idea is they feel they are helping you as a real chef. So you can make your kid’s chef coat special with embroidered logos and personalizations tailor made according to his/her unique style.

Surprise your little kid with a chef jacket with his favourite color specially made for his age and size with a nice touch of customization. Arouse or encourage even more their culinary dreams with a 100% cotton chef coat or full chef uniform with hat, apron and pants. You don’t know what difference this gift will make in your kid’s life.

Guidelines for kitchen safety

Demonstrate safe cutting techniques (peel away from your hand, keep fingers away from the blade, etc.) and any other potentially dangerous tasks.

Put masking tape on the floor to section off an area around the oven so children will know they need to be behind the line whenever the oven door is open.

Talk about the importance of preventing choking by chewing foods well, sitting straight and not talking while eating.

Further detailed information on safe food handling can be found in your Kids in the Kitchen community action kit or you can visit for more information.

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Gentle machine washable costume set is easy to clean.(#ad)