10 Virtually Impossible Goals Lionel Messi Incredible Skills

Lionel Messi has once again proved that the normal laws of science do not apply when he interacts with a football.

Inexplicable , supernatural, inhuman, superhuman, extraterrestrial, extraordinary, unrealistic...

No words can describe some of the goals Leo Messi scored throughout his career.

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These are some goals of Lionel Messi that didn't seem to be possible to be explained by any logic. This compilation features ten such 'Golazos' of Lionel Andres 'Leo' Messi.

Crazy goals scored by the best on the planet. This needs no description. Maybe after watching those goals you want a Lionel Messi poster.

Messi doing impossible things on the pitch ever since he started playing football. This is the boy who could beat 5-6 players when he was just 5 years of age.

This is the young lad who scored 'Goal of The Century' at 19 year old. lionel messi greatest ever goals. But Lionel Messi doesn't just do amazing things on the pitch.

Perhaps, the most amazing things he did were not during regular matches. Maybe because he doesn't want to ruin team spirit by doing useless things individually.

The Argentinian has outdone himself with a piece of skill so unbelievable, it even left his fellow teammates in shock.

Showing superhuman precision by scoring through tiny holes. Also watch best vine & Instagram football soccer goals from other great soccer players.

lionel messi best ever goals impossible shots and goals. Lionel Messi IMPOSSIBLE Strikes that can NOT be explained, they are Inexplicable goals virtually not humanly possible. Human talent always should be coupled with discipline and focused training, doesn't matter if you practice soccerm baseball, table tennis or any other sport, so I'm sure these impossible goals follow hard training sessions of this great player.

Messi shows some nice goals. It’s Impossible to stop him when he starts to advance. They are IMPOSSIBLE goals you won't believe or have to watch twice.

As we said above, nothing beats discipline and hard focused training, not only in sports but also this is a great principle to tech your kids, imagine if your little kids want to play a musical instrument (have you seen this Pound & Tap Bench Music Toy for babies?) or learn a specific skill.

Couple talent with discipline and training.