Kombucha Scoby Organic Starter Culture Tea Brew Your Own Healthy Kombucha Home Fermenting Kit DIY

t is important avoiding high sugar foods and those with processed ingredients, but with all the toxins we are regularly exposed to, it's not enough. While the hallmarks of nutrition have traditionally focused on minerals, vitamins, protein and healthy fats, nutritionists are starting to see that consuming cultured foods is integral to a healthy body.

Kombucha is the ideal solution for anyone, including vegans, to add potent bacteria to their diets. In fact, consuming probiotics may be more important than any other single factor when it comes to stopping foreign invaders. Of course, the bacteria must be supported through high-quality nutrition and proper hydration.

Water is a basic necessity for life, you could make is to get one of these Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizers because your water will be enhance so to speak reversing acidity and neutralizing harmful components. But in terms of the impact of a single choice, adding probiotics is one of the most important.

Brewing kombucha is a healthy, fun thing to do and many kombucha drinkers swear by this tasty beverage. The finished kombucha tea tastes somewhat like sparkling apple cider and does contain a small percentage of alcohol. The alcohol content is usually less than 1% but can vary batch to batch.

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Maybe you started to search online how to make your own Kombucha at home.

You have heard from some people about the amazing benefits of Kombucha tea, and even the Live kombucha soda!

The detoxifying properties of vitamin C are without question. One 8 oz glass of kombucha contains 120 mg of vitamin C, which is the RDA for those with the highest need, lactating mothers. Hence, kombucha is not only one of the best natural sources, but also the cheapest.

One of the advantages of making your own kombucha is that allows you to customize the taste a little, and obviously the cost, as you may know a kombucha with the bottle presentation could cost you around $3 to $6 a bottle.

The word SCOBY stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

So Kombucha it's a fermented beverage with a lot of good bacteria for your digestive system.

You can also use a starter kit to make your own kombucha, but please make sure to follow all safety instructions.

The human body can be affected by yeast infections and diseases (urinary tract infections, bladder infections, psoriasis, Strain and stress to the foot. Plantar Fasciitis, athletes foot, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, kidney infections, etc).

Don't forget that it is possible to get relief and be healthy once again. But in order to find long term relief, you need to change your lifestyle. The biggest reason for infections in your body is the lack of beneficial bacteria in your gut or intestinal lining.

The reason why we have no good bacteria is because we eat a lot of things that has a drastically negative impact on our beneficial bacteria, thus lowering our immune system.

Kombucha is probiotic and contributes to a healthy digestive flora in the gut that help break down foods and aids absorption. It improves digestion.

Kombucha detoxifies the body. Because it contains much of the bacteria and enzymes needed for detoxification, it helps to unburden the liver and reduces the load on the pancreas.

Kombucha contains acids which have a calming effect on the body, which aids depression and anxiety disorders. It can also assist in overcoming sleep disorders and improve the overall quality of sleep.

Making your own kombucha is super easy, very inexpensive and if you know someone brewing kombucha, ask them for a scoby and make your own homegrown batch. If you cannot find one from a trusted friend, there are many sources available; a reputable source for kombucha starters is Happy Herbalist dot com.

All you need is a wooden spoon, a stainless steel pot (Do not ever use plastic bags or jars as the little organisms in your brew will eat the plastic and thus you too will be drinking plastic.), and a wide mouth glass Mason jar. Start with clean hands and clean all of the above with vinegar, NOT soap.

Kombucha has been around for thousands of years has been known as "the tea of immortality" and "the elixir of life." you must drink kombucha!

Due to its ability to detoxify the body, kombucha can aid in the prevention as well as the treatment of cancer.

Kombucha contains theanine, which promotes alpha wave production in the brain and also increases serotonin levels. It helps reduce stress levels.