Multifunction Internet Kids Entertainment Car Kit Headrest DVD Player Monitors Esky

You want to entertain your kids on the road.

It doesn't matter if is a short drive within the city or a very long road trip.

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With this esky multifunction internet car kit you will provide entertainment for passengers in the rear seats of a vehicle.

Make sure your next long trip or holiday, winter, spring, summer or fall, isn't spoiled by unhappy children, organise ways to keep the little ones have plenty of things to keep them entertained for the duration. So to avoid the frustration and boredom in the car, we've come up with some great ideas to start the fun and entertainment the minute you step into the car:

If you are going on a longer journey and your budget is up to it, why not let the kids watch their favourite DVD. DVD units are available from electrical retailers or as an after-fit option from your car manufacturer. The peace that descends on the car is amazing and the only noise you should near are the giggles at the funny parts (if you remember to pack the headphones of course!)

There are plenty of traditional pastimes that are suitable for the car and some family favourites have to include games such as eye spy or a race to spot the most animals, red cars or landmarks from the windows. Of course, you can always start a sing a long and keep the kids occupied that way. However, while these methods can be good fun, there's a high chance your patience and appetite for these activities will run out faster than your kids' will.

If your children are old enough, books and magazines are a good way to keep them quiet in the backseat. Unfortunately this is a solution that doesn't suit all stomachs, as some people tend to get carsick when they try and read on the go. If that's the case, you could plump for an audio book instead - you'll probably want to make sure you remember headphones for this though, as you could find it a little distracting.

Video games are another modern option for those travelling by car, but be sure to pack plenty of batteries or an adaptor that will let you charge the device from your car's cigarette lighter, or you'll be left with a useless lump of plastic and a sulky face most likely.

Another great way to keep your kids enthralled is to let them watch a movie while you're travelling. This is handy if you've got a portable DVD player, a laptop or a luxury car rental with TV screens, or even a handheld device such as an iPod. This is a great way for children to while away hours they wouldn't be able to fill any other way.

Trying to persuade your young ones to fall asleep is another way to keep them quiet, so try and avoid loading them up on sweet junk food to pass the time - unless you're hoping to keep them perky for a family singsong!

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