Live Kombucha Root Beer

Live Kombucha Root Beer

The ancient Chinese people had been using Kombucha tea for detoxifying their livers since 250 B.C.

Live's Probiotic Root Beer Soda contains just 1 gram of sugar and 5 calories. I'm not sure what sweetener they actually use: in one description I read they use Organic Stevia Extract (Natural Sweetener) and another one says: sweetened with monk fruit.

It's guilt-free, great-tasting refreshment. Made caffeine-Free, Non-GMO, gluten Free, vegan, and Kosher for gut-healthy. Loaded with 1 Billion CFU of Probiotics.

DIY Your Own Kombucha at Home...

Kombucha root beer is tasty and healthy and only contains few calories. It's like a soda but healthy so grab a mug, a can, or a float and toast to your health! Keep refrigerated (store at or below 78 degrees F.) and consume soon after opening. Do not shake the bottle.

This probiotic root beer soda has an indulgent root beer flavor, with a traditional blend of licorice root, wintergreen and vanilla notes. This root beer is rich and creamy, bold and refreshingly smooth.

The ingredients of this beverage are: Carbonated Water, Erythritol, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit Extract, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Live Probiotics (Bacillus Subtilis), Organic Raw Kombucha.

When you drink Kombucha tea, the liver is forced to excrete more quantities of bodily waste which aids in liver detox and the reason is because it enhances blood circulation.

Kombucha in lab tests studying with rats it's been displayed to protect against stress and improve liver function. There are a ton of people who have been taking kombucha over various years. various of the benefits reported encompass increases in metabolic disorders, energy levels, against cancer, allergies, digestive problems, hypertension, HIV, chronic fatigue and arthritis.

Kombucha also helps your digestion and has liver detoxing properties.

Speaking of liver, you want to detoxify your liver at least once a year, couple this with weight loss with specific exercises, yogic postures (which are also helpful to get a perfect posture) and consuming a diet healthy for the liver.

As most of us are aware, a western diet includes junk food, soda and packaged foods. In other words, it is a very acidic diet. These excess acids pool in our bodies creating all kinds of havoc. It ranges from low energy and obesity to cancer.

People have to change their dietary habits which means increasing the amount of raw green vegetables and start drinking a proper amount of alkaline ionized water and healthy probiotic drinks like Kombucha.

Revive Rootbeer has a good amount of followers. It is perfect for hot days or after a long day of work.

The amazing health benefits of organic kombucha, like improved digestion, will make you feel energetic and ready for action.

Live kombucha root beer is made with raw and organic ingredients.

There are a couple of ways to brew kombucha at home, you just need a few things in the kitchen to get started. You don't have to use expensive electronic kitchen machines, you just need simple utensils like a vessel with at least a gallon or larger of capacity, preferably made of glass or pottery.

Kombucha is chock full of friendly acids, (friendly to human digestive tracts) so will not do well in steel or plastic containers. As with any fermented food results are not always predictable, but I find kombucha to be one of the easiest. With a little practice and experimentation you will improve your home brew.

Enjoy your live kombucha today!