How Pringles Are Made Youtube Video How It’s Made

If you want to know how potato chips are made, specifically if you want to know the secret of creating pringles, then this Youtube video will reveal the pringles-making process in a step by step way

Almost anyone who's opened a can of Pringles with the intention of just eating a few can attest it’s difficult to stop eating these curved potato stackable chips.

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The above video shows the Pringles-making process which makes this product as unique as you know it. Pringles are a nearly 50-year-old staple of American snack food.

The way they get their shape is a mesmerizing process and video by How It’s made shows the whole method from start to finish.

The TV show How It’s Made got the chance to visit the factory making the chips.

And it’s a very thorough process to get it to that shape.Pringles potato chips was the answer to consumers who complained their chips were stale, broken, and too greasy, and this video shows how they are made.

Pringles are the type of chip that are delicious to eat but also fun to stack. The thin potato slices are all perfectly shaped like a thin saddle.

Their unusual shape, require a specialized process to get them into the recognizable tall can.

The video begins by showing the ingredients that make up the potato chips - a ratio of one-third water to two-thirds potato flakes.

The main ingredients are water, potato flakes, and cornstarch, which is mixed in to give the batter its firmness while being fried.

This snack comes in countless flavours like salt and vinegar, jalapeño, cheesy fries, screamin' dill pickle, cheddar cheese, and pizza. and more limited editions of this product.

Potato flakes are one of those pantry items you can make from home and save money doing so if you want.

In Britain, most foods are exempt from the value-added tax, but potato chips — known as crisps — and “similar products made from the potato, or from potato flour,” are taxable. Procter & Gamble, in what could be considered a plea for strict construction, argued that Pringles — which are about 40 percent potato flour, but also contain corn, rice and wheat — should not be considered potato chips or “similar products.” Rather, they are “savory snacks.”

And this clip about how stacked potato chips are made, reveals that Instead of shaving bits off of a potato and deep frying them, the company starts with a slurry of rice, wheat, corn, and potato flakes.

The snack-dough is then rolled out like a sheet of ultra-thin cookie dough and cut into chip-cookies by a machine.

This video shows how stack-able Pringles potato chips are made starting when dough being flattened into a sheet of potato, and one of many conveyor belts then are cut, pressed and molded into the famous concave shape before they are fried for 11 seconds.

A worker then checks the chips before another belt shakes them apart, followed by weighing and packaging.

Watch how this decades old munchie is made, you may just end up adding it to your shopping cart this weekend.

Pringles are great for camping, snacks, etc. They come with a great taste, specially these Pringles with Sour Cream and Onion.