Faketv FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent Device Reviews Vid

This somewhat funny video shows what fish do when nobody is looking: dance and deter burglars.

FakeTV is a burglar deterrent device that does that, helps to keep criminals away when nobody is at home.

Burglars Love Easy Targets. Don’t Be the Next Burglary Victim! FakeTV Makes Your Home Look Occupied because obviously burglars do not like occupied houses.

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You might not be home every evening watching television, but no burglar needs to know that.

The risk is real. Each year about one in every 50 households has a break-in. You probably know someone who has been burglarized, and how it affected them.

But burglars avoid houses they think are occupied, because they do not want to get caught. FakeTV makes it look like someone is home watching TV.

So buy a FakeTV and reduce your chance of becoming the next burglary victim.

Minimize the risk of being the the Next Burglary Victim! This clever device helps you to spread the idea somebody is inside watching a television show.

But does fake tv work?

How does something that small can produce as much light as a television set many times its size?

with the recent advancements in LED technology we have today what they call “Super Bright LED’s”, which are up to ten times as bright as the “plain old LED’s”.

FakeTV packs a dozen of these technological marvels into a package that includes a computer and some well-designed optics.

The FakeTV diffuser lens is a bit of science that borders on art.

This is not an exhaustive fake tv light review but we liked the video and it seems an interesting product that apparently works well.

This intruder deterrent device is constantly flashing lights, but is not just a flickering light or flasher or a “random light source.” Real TV is not random, so they have to be a realistic device that works as intended.

Home alone? Deters burglars and intruders any time you are gone for the evening or long time for vacations.

The main point of the fake tv flicker light is to make it your home look like someone is in the next room, making your vacant property look lived-in.

Simulates scene and color changes, fades, and on-screen motion not only randomly but highly characteristic.

Discovering what makes the light from a TV look like the producers used data using real televisions of different types and makes, analyzing the light output for intensity and color variation, and programmed these into a faketv ftv-10 burglar deterrent.

And don't worry for electricity bills because the built in light sensor and timer only consumes just the power of a night-light AC Adaptor included.

This doesn't mean that you should not practice good Burglary Prevention Tips. The obvious ones:

Don’t leave obvious signs that the house is unoccupied.

Stop the mail and paper, or have a neighbor take it in. Arrange for lawn care as needed.

Make your home hard to get into by installing good locks.

Your hidden outdoor key is probably not as cleverly hidden as you think it is.

Get to know your neighbors and leave a key with the neighbors. Let them know you will be gone, and have them keep an eye out during your absence.

You get the idea, good prevention common sense tips.

Make your home look lived in. This fake tv burglar deterrent video does a great job of explaining the principle under this device works, fake tv burglar deterrent device reviews.

Also it makes makes a great gift it's useful