Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers

Sure, we know they’re talented. But did you know they could sing?

Watch this countdown for the top 10 actors who are unexpectedly good singers.

Hey are celebrities Who Have Good Singing Voices. 

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Because a quick boredom-bred Google search of “Kristen Bell singing” led me down a rabbit hole of other celebrities I never knew had incredible voices.

Jeremy Renner? What! Kate Winslet released a (very good) single? Who knew?!

Leighton Meester sings better than anyone ever gave her credit for?

It’s true! Kate Hudson can bust out a Prince classic at a charity event and have it documented on Instagram?

Cool! Here, this video compiled a list of top ten celebrity non-singers who have shockingly good singing voices.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to us, really, that some of our best actors also happen to be good singers.

After all, they work in the entertainment industry, and most of them have probably worked in theatre at one point or another.

If they grew up acting, they probably also grew up doing school musicals and taking dance classes. The things just sort of go together.

As Hollywood moves further and further away from the days of over-dubbing and glorious, technicolor perfection, we’re gifted with more and more of these intimate and vulnerable performances.

Here are just top 10 instances where an actor took us by surprise.

Maybe you want to sing yourself, and not always while taking a shower.

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