Adjustable Double Hang Closet Rod Height Rail Heavyweight Rolling Garment Clothes Space Saver

Have you run out of room for your clothes in your closet?

Hook this adjustable rod for gaining extra space and declutter mess in your bedroom.

Sometimes it does not matter how big your closet is, there is never enough room for everything. One of the biggest mistakes we make with clothing closets is in using them to store other things besides our clothes.

Space for things like blankets, keepsakes, printer, laptop, USB device or sporting equipment. You really need to find another place for these types of things.

Space for things like blankets, keepsakes, printer, laptop, USB device, construction paper, glitter, paint, yarn, fabric, filler rock in the aquarium or whatever else is in the craft supply closet or sporting equipment. You really need to find another place for these types of things.

One of the easiest solution for the overcrowding is to remove certain clothes from season to season and another helpful thing is to clean out your closet at least once a year and donate or discard things you never wear or can not wear.

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This item represents an affordable and yet simple storage solution for creating extra hanging space.

This double hanging closet rod it's very easy to use, because you won't need any tools for its installation, you simply set up with the proper height and hook the rod to your closet bar for starting to use.

Look for the closet rods with the following features: Holds up to 25 or more lbs. of clothing, durable and strong steel construction with a sleek chrome finish, adjustable height notches in vertical bars, ensure bar is level, and easy to move from closet to closet.

With this heavyweight double hang closet rod which expands to accommodate and make space for all of those extra clothes and fashion items like scarves and purses.

The notches in the vertical bars make it simple to get a level hanging surface and you can load this sturdy and strong rod with up to 25 lbs. of clothing.

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