Best Way to Freeze Bananas For Smoothies Protein Fruits Slices Shakes

Frozen bananas are great for lots of things... think protein shakes, smoothies, ice cream, and lots more! This video shows great tips and the best way to freeze bananas for smoothies.

This is absolutely handy info AAA+ for fast, concise and info that saves me money from having overripe bananas i forgot to use. You will be saved from making a mistake, if you were going to freeze whole bananas with peels on.

So if you were wondering: can i freeze bananas for smoothies, then now you know. How to Freeze Bananas for Smoothies is the question answered in this video.

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If I have any leftover banana, I put it on some whole meal bread , and put it out for the birds in my garden. Now you can freeze it for ice cream and smoothies!

Another good tip is: You should wait until your bananas get spots on them and are a little bit darker. They will reduce the starchiness, be more available nutritionally and also be a lot more sweeter!

Great tip, I love bananas for smoothies but they always ripen up simultaneously and go bad before I can use them! It’s the Best Way to Freeze Bananas. do you freeze bananas with the peel on or off?

Also, don’t forget to peel the banana from the right end. It's better to peel from the bottom, just gently squeeze the end,and it will pop open, and you get no strings off the skin that way. If banan turned darker in freezer, is still good for use.

I buy the snack size baggies so that I peel a banana, break it in half and then put it in a baggie so that each bag never has more than one banana.

That way you don't have 3 or 4 bananas sticking together. You can reuse the baggie a few times then just toss it. I mix them in my protein shakes.

These are the step by step instructions put in a fun way: Step 1:Open Freezer.Step 2:Place banana in zed freezer.Step 3: Close zed freezer.

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