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Dog Grooming Tubs

It is not just pet accessories that are popular but pet grooming is a high priority as well.

Proper grooming will keep your dog healthy. Dirty dogs will tend to become infested with harmful, parasitic insects like fleas and ticks. Your dog will be less happy if you fail grooming at the proper frequency.

A dog bath tub is a must-have for professional groomers and animal shelters, it’s also the most convenient at-home solution for large breed owners.

Dog grooming tubs are essential to every grooming facility and represent one of the most valuable purchases when designing/setting up a salon. It's the perfect choice for pet groomers.

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In general, short haired dogs like Boston Terriers can be groomed every two weeks, but longer haired dogs like Schnauzers need to be groomed at least weekly for this reason. It is fairly simple to recognize the frequency with which your dog should be bathed simply by observing its behavior.

A dog's coat is also an ideal breeding ground for parasites that can threaten both canine and human health, and excellent transportation for the seeds of enterprising plants. Luckily, with an often washed dog and bed, dog owners can maintain healthy, lovely pets.

If your dog is scratching or appears to be dirty then it is time to groom your dog. Also you will find that you need to groom your dog with greater frequency as he ages. Older dogs tend to shed hair faster and smell bad more often.

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Whether you’re running a doggy daycare, grooming facility, dog boarding, pet hospital, pet beauty salon, dog day care centers or animal shelter, apartment complexes with dog washing stations, veterinary clinics or home, know that bathing animals is so much easier with a professional grooming tub.

There are a few things you need to take into account when tub shopping: the size, shape and orientation of the tub, the material the tub is made of, how it will connect to existing or new plumbing lines, and your budget.

High quality dog grooming tubs are made of rust-resistant stainless and zinc-plated steel, which are both highly durable and corrosion resistant. These tubs offer unmatched durability and easy maintenance while keeping your animals comfortable. Tubs are critical to groomers, and they need to last for decades.

The stainless steel structure makes it shiny, elegant, and durable. Look for a smooth, ergonomically flexible tub that can withstand soap, claws and lots of dog bumps and still perform.

The market also offers fiberglass and plastic tubs for those needing a lighter weight option. Plastic mini tubs (Flying Pig Grooming brand comes to mind) are easily accessible and simple to use: An entryway 360 degrees in diameter allows you to wash your dog from any angle, saving you time and stress.

The plastic tub is made of UV protected plastic (stabilized polypropylene), so it can be stored outdoors without the worry of color fading, both durable and long-lasting. Tub comes in 1 piece and is ready to assemble right out of the box. Simply snap together the tub to the legs and you're good to go. Tub plastic can be stored in compact spaces for easy storage. It stands upon four sturdy legs with levelers for uneven floor and connected to direct drain hose for easy drainage.

You also want to take note of tub entry and exit options, with some of our tubs having adjustable heights, stairs, ramps and doors allowing for an easier time getting the dog out of and into the tub.

Regarding size, you will find many dog washing tubs designed for bathing dogs and animal breeds of all sizes, from chihuahuas to Great Danes, they are perfect for grooming your dog at home.

Choose the best washing tub in terms of comfort and safety for your pet. There are brands for at-home dog bath tubs, such as Booster Bath, Home Pet Spa and Dakota 283.

Bathing pets has never been easier. If you add a versatile grooming shower to a dog wash station you simply add convenience and functionality to any bathing session. Best if the sprayer comes with an adjustable switch for water volume, giving your pets a funny and comfortable bath.

Many grooming tubs are equipped with a removable door for keeping water from leakage and splashing, and with a retractable walk-in ramp. Look for a pet washing station that comes with a skidproof pedal inside the tub, which keeps the dog from slipping and falling.

A professional pet dog grooming tub is designed to help you handle the shower of your beloved pet dog. Couple it with multiple washing accessories in order to make bathing more relaxed and happy.

Besides a foldable grooming dog tub, you can also consider a pet-only swimming pool. These pools are small in size, easy to carry and easy to store after folding. 

Your pet needs an independent entertainment bathtub or dog pool. Pets are prone to infection when bathing in human bathtubs. Shower water can easily enter the ears and cause inflammation. The pet pool is simple and easy to clean,with good sealing, fast drainage and no need to inflate.

Also consider a good dog bed, hint: material of the dog bed should be washable in machines.

Pets have different sleeping preferences, there are many dog bed styles for ensuring maximum comfort for their much loved dog, even made with components which obviously are very low in dust and hypo-allergenic substances, in this way you will be able to control respiratory diseases in your pets.

Dog accessories have become a mainstay of everyday pet care in today's society. There has been an amazing trend in dog accessories over the last few years, like a the perfect brush to get all nasty mats out of your dog's fur, beds, portable dog bathtubs, collars, clothes, backseat dog barrier for small cars, etc.

Other accessories consist of nail trimming, brushing, bathing, flea and tick treatment, teeth cleaning, cleaning ears, worming to name a few. For example, an animal with long hair will require brushing and bathing more frequently than a short haired animal. It is however important to realize that every pooch should have at least a quick brush several times a week. This keeps their coat clean, shiny and healthy, as well as helps with the shedding, hair loss and dirt being tracked into your home.

Your dog is clean and you, as family, completed the daily chores, now you deserve to spend time together at a family movie night.

We hope the tips presented here give you the direction to choose the best value in the industry when it comes to pet grooming equipment. If you get a sturdy stainless steel, rest assured you will have good equipment to help you clean your canine for years to come.

Better if it comes with a ramp that easily guides dogs of all sizes up the ramp and into the tub. Ideal if it includes a sliding door with a safety lock that keeps water inside. And your pet will be even more happy if the unit comes with pet play balls for greater versatility.

Pet wash tubs come in different sizes and are specially designed to make in-home pet bathing a breeze. If you want washing your dog to be a fun chore then you have to have the right dog bathing station. There are some portable versions which make bathing easy and enjoyable for you and your dog.

And also you won't cause a mess because at the moment of the bathing you won't be running around the house looking for where to bathe the dog. Your cute dog will love his or her own dog bathtub.

Have fun washing and grooming your dog!