Cheerson CX-10 Mini RC Quadcopter Review Drone Accessories

If you want a good gift for next holiday season (or for anytime really) then this mini quadcopter it's a good gift for someone who is not involved on this fantastic drone piloting hobby. 

This amazing flying toy comes in a nano size (fitting perfectly on the palm of your hand). And it’s able to fly well despite of its tiny size, enjoy stability of flight and even you can perform some crazy stunts.

If you already have another mini quadcopter, you can still can purchase this. You can use it to practice indoors, or simply as a great gift the kids could play with.

Great Value, Fun Training Platform For Beginners

The cheerson cx-10 it’s one of the most affordable quadcopters in the market and it's manufactured with durable and robust materials that will allow you to fly it with a good working condition even after multiple crashes (I guess is its lightweight airframe that won’t crash so hard giving it a nice durability, it weighs around 15 grams). 

Save Money With This Essential Accessory For Novice Pilots

If you are new to flying drones we suggest you buying these blade guards. These are really an essential. They attach easily to the bottom of the nano offering a great degree of protection, thus cutting your repairs in half and of course saving money. Purchase a (#ad)Cheerson CX-10 Blade Protector Set, which is a propeller guard cover offering extra bumper protection in case of crashes against the ground, ceiling or nearby walls. Also they help you with a soft redirect from close encounters with ceiling and walls.

Have fun flying a Cheerson CX-10 Mini... and don't forget the spare parts!(#ad)

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability

Cheerson CX-10 Propellers Rotor

Super balance with stable performance, a variety of colors, lightweight, durable and practical

Blade covers are easy to install and they no affect aircraft flight at all. They are durable guards very useful to protect the rotor blades of your quadcopter when hitting the floor or crashing into walls

Along your Cheerson CX-10 purchase get a (#ad)set of lightweight, durable and practical propellers, this set not only fit your Cheerson but also will match most of the mini quadcopters you know wltoys v676,cheerson cx-10a, wltoys v272 v282 v292,hubsan q4 h111,jxd-395,ls111, Estes Proto- X series, and others. After you install these your quad will fly as steady as the original propellers that come with your quadcopter.

If You Want A Cool Quadcopter Mini... Below There Are Excellent Options!

This set is great to have on hand for those times you need easier replacement of the propellers, specially beginners when they are learning to fly. As you can guess first time drone pilots mash the quadcopter into the ground (or wall) a bit and of course they will have to go through blades at a faster pace.

A good tip I learned online was this: use a marker to mark the front left and rear right propellers, they are opposite props and you will know which go where. This is very useful for when you are replace them after a crash.

But yes, eventually your quadcopter will crash and if some parts are broken or missing you will be able to buy those parts from online stores where you can order those parts which usually are inexpensive.

You Will Be Surprised To Learn What It Can Do In This Affordable Price

This little quad is able to perform many stunts (barrel rolls, flips, spinning flat in a circle changing direction, etc.) despite its tiny size. It’s one of the best smaller drone you will fly. It does flip and you can configure it in 3 modes. It comes with a good control distance of around 30-40 mts. It comes with all those standard quadcopter flying features: forward/back, pitch, left/right, throttle, up/down, and movement in pitch direction.

Compared to the bigger drone counterparts, this nano size it’s somewhat hard to control at first (it tends to be too responsive), but as we mentioned above it’s an amazing training platform if you want to upgrade to bigger drones.

These Mini Quadcopters Are Amazingly Fun!

This brand of mini quadcopters is great for beginners. After a little of practice, you can easily get use to this quad. It’s a good flying toy for kids not worrying about damaging it after a few hits or minor crashes.

It’s a cool toy, somewhat difficult to fly if you don’t have enough experience flying quads. Also make sure first times you fly the Cheerson in a good size indoor area. Since doesn’t weigh so much keep in mind that if you want to fly outdoors the wind should not be too strong.

Charging your Cheerson CX-10 is a breeze, you can fully charge your nano drone via a USB wall charger like the one you use for your smartphone, giving you around 5 minutes of flight. Full charging takes around 30 - 45 mins.

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Enjoy This Amazing Little Flying Machine!

If you are interested on purchasing an affordable micro quad which is both stable and durable the consider to but the Cheerson Cx-10. It’s so durable that you won’t have problems even if you experience some crashes.

So in conclusion for this review: some good things about the Cheerson CX-10 are an affordable price, fun flying features features, durable and flight time. One of the bad things is this nano quadcopter does not hover and it’s very difficult to control for beginners. You will have fun for a very affordable price and it’s perfect as your first quadcopter.

This tiny Cheerson is ideal as first quadcopter. With this nano quad you will gain experience in quadcopter control with minimal risk to property, people and the drone itself. Practicing flight with this quad you will learn how to adjust throttle to maintain altitude and momentum, which is crucial for when you upgrade to larger quads.

We hope this review of Cheerson CX-10 nano drone have been helpful to you.