Walkera QR X350 Pro Quadcopter Review Drone Spare Parts

The Walkera QR X350 Pro GPS drone is a relatively small quadcopter with high quality. Maybe is the one you have been looking for. This drone is a great piece of technology, and even beginners are able to play with the drone for a stable easy flight.

This drone is a ready-to-fly UAV, so you won’t have to do time-consuming setups before you flying this quad. The drone is pretty fast and comes with a good flight time of approx. 15 minutes.

If you are into aerial photography of course you want to capture smooth video. That’s why this Walkera comes with a two-axis gimbal in order to keep the camera oriented in the same direction as the quad.

Awesome Drone For The Price

This drone it’s very beginner friendly and since comes with flight features such as the very useful One key to Home function, which will allow you to use GPS guidance for landing the drone automatically to home base. This will reduce tremendously the risk of losing your drone (and wasting money of course).

Fun To Fly

The fact this drone is so beginner friendly doesn’t mean you, as an advance or intermediate user, can’t enjoy flying this flying machine. Simply you, as a more experienced user, will be able to use more features that will allow you a better flight experience.

This quadcopter comes with a GPS receiver onboard and an altitude sensor. In GPS mode, the quadcopter can hold GPS altitude function. This rich feature set of flight features will allow you to have a very stable and smooth flight (as we mentioned earlier when mentioned the the built-in two axis gimbal, if you are into aerial videography a stable flight is a must for better aerial footage).

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700tvl night vision 5. 8g video transmission camera.

Where To Get Good Spare Battery For Your Walkera QR-X350 Drone

If you need a extra battery then (#ad)this 5200 mAh 10C Lipo Battery, (Only fits the Walkera QR X350 Pro) is a good choice because it provides a similar flight time compared to the original battery, so if you are using this an extra battery you will able to fly double the flight, so you will have enough fun flyable time with your quadcopter.

This battery is a good spare part for your Walkera QR-X350 quadcopter with the cells balanced properly when you are charging it.

Flight time could be around 25 mi. if you don't use your camera to take too many photos or a video, because as you can guess photos and footage would cut the flight time drastically.

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Another tip to save precious energy is don't use any guards for the propellers because the extra weight of the guards will aggressive kill the battery energy. Of course, if you are a beginner don’t sacrifice the safety of the guards for more flight time.

More Spares You May Need

Also a (#ad)good set of replacement parts for your Walkera QR X350 PRO is this set of 4 propellers blades. It’s a great replacement, you will need this set of spare blades if you want to keep your drone operational. And if you purchase this set of replacement blades they really could make the difference in the performance of your Walkera drone.

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Walkera QR X350

GPS Altitude Hold System
One Key Return Home.

The camera is not included in this walkera qr x350 fpv, so you will have to purchase it separately. The Walkera QR x350 pro also boasts full support for the Gopro camera, which combined with DEVO F7 will help you to take amazing aerial photography.

This is one of those drones you can use to have fun, relax, enjoy yourself.