Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Which exercises are best for losing weight and approximately how much fat or weight should I aim to lose per day or month? How do I lose weight permanently? These questions are asked a lot for people looking for weight loss help, and must be answered keeping in mind that your target should be to burn 1 lb. of fat per week.

If you create a daily deficit of 500 cals. then in a week you will lose one pound of fat because there is 3,5 Kcals in one pound of fat. One of the best methods to achieve this goal is to consume a proper diet full with high nutrient foods and then create your daily deficit of calories while doing high intensity cardio exercises.

The idea behind this is to try to keep a high level of metabolism.

Again, the idea is to be consistent with your daily routine, a workout that you can do day in and day out. So, it's very important that you do an exercise that you enjoy and something that you can easily mix up with other exercises.

For example, if you do interval training you will be moving from one low intensity exercise to another high intensity in an alternate way.

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The best exercise you can do to lose weight fast is something that you love to do, it's something that you enjoy doing every day for 20-60 minutes.

You don't need to run 10 miles a day in order to achieve your weight loss goals. For example if you play with your kids or simply you walk with them not only you are exercising but you are preventing them from getting obese.

Now, if you don't have time to do interval training or cardio you can optimize your time. Yes, try to lose weight while you do light housework.

This activity can be very useful for speeding your metabolism, helping you to increase your daily energy expenditure which eventually could result in a bigger amount of body fat burned.

If you add house cleaning activities to your program for losing weight you will be pleasantly surprised with the results, especially if you add a good weight loss diet.

Also, Walking is one of the best exercises for losing weight, this activity burns a good amount of body fat and calories if you do it in a proper way, as you can imagine the amount of benefit your body weight gets depends on the intensity of your walking effort

If you want, you can add running or light Jogging to your walking activities, or simply make a special combination of them, like in interval training. Running we will burn a great amount of calories without using weight loss diet pills.

My recommendation is that you start off any exercise program with light walking activities. When you have developed a little fitness then you can add more strong activities like aerobic or weight training, this way you will lose weight in a more effective way.

From there you can add activities like step aerobics, rock climbing, elliptical trainer, jumping rope, sprinting, spinning, rowing, etc.

These cardio exercises which help you burn the most calories in 20-40 minutes and could become one of the best workouts to lose weight. Also drink plenty of water because our bodies are made up of 98% water, so it makes sense to keep ourselves hydrated.

Water is good for our muscles, skin and joints. Drink a glass before meals and whenever your body is asking you for water.