Easy Ways to Lose Weight and to Burn Fat Quickly

If your goal is to burn body fat quickly, you can choose from different methodologies to achieve that goal. Most trainers will tell you that you should do low intensity cardio exercises.

The idea behind this advice is that most of the calories you burn come from fat tissues. Many people believe that if you exercise too hard, then you are only targeting carb energy, but not fat.

Other people try to make the point that more calories will be burned if people do high intensity exercises. Their argument is that if you burn more calories than you consume in a particular day, then you will lose body fat.

The method of low intensity cardio exercises is the most popular approach to cardio and is recommended by many trainers. This cardio type target body fat and that is the reason why it is recommended by many personal trainers. Many studies have proven that when you do low intensity cardio exercises the energy is used from fat calories instead of carbohydrates.

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If the body burns fat for energy, then obviously you will lose body fat. It will let you monitor your heart rate during your cardio workout to allow you to hit the ideal intensity level. After about 10 minutes or so, you should be close to reaching your ideal heart rate. Most experts recommend that you should stay within an ideal target heart rate for at least half an hour.

High intensity cardio training is a less utilized form of cardio because involves pushing past a certain pain threshold a little, so as you can imagine, fewer people choose this way of cardio. Now, this cardio approach could give you great results if done properly.

The total calories burned in this type of cardio are greater than low intensity cardio exercises. Some of those calories could come from body fat and some could from carbohydrates sources from muscles. And in a similar way to low intensity cardio you are trying to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

The limitation of low intensity cardio is that it could take you up to 10-15 minutes to get your heart rate to the ideal level to start burning body fat. Is something like your first 10-15 minutes of this workout are somewhat wasted.

On the contrary, high intensity cardio is hard to do for long periods of time because it takes a lot of effort and could be extremely difficult.

Now, it is possible to benefit from doing both types of cardio exercises in the same workout. You could make the first 15 minutes of your low intensity cardio not so unproductive, by starting your workout off at a slightly higher intensity level.

Push yourself a little harder for 10-15 minutes. Once you are really starting to sweat, then switch to a low intensity and keep it that way for 30 minutes. This will burn calories and will help you to create a calorie deficit and also to burn body fat during the workout.