How To Train For A 10k Run Running Training Plan Beginner Intermediate Tips

Beginners 10k training plan start training for your first race, slowly building through consistent training runs.

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first 5k training plan, or you are an advanced runner with a true love of running, not just a way to lose weight, you are going to need to follow some kind of training schedule to get you ready to race.

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Despite being “short” from a distance runner’s standpoint, the 5k and 10k are difficult race distances to master. The 10k is a blend of speed and endurance that requires running only a few seconds slower than 5k pace, yet for double the distance.

Be off your pacing or fitness by only a fraction and the last two miles will be torture.

The 10K is the single event where any runner can enjoy the full range of everything road racing has to offer.

As a test of both speed and endurance, this distance combines the best aspects of the 5K and marathon. That means that improving your 10K performance can put you in striking distance of improvements at those other distances as well.

In fact, much of the appeal of the 10K is not only that it demands versatility of runners, but also that it helps to develop it within them. Running the 10K often means running better.

No surprise that the 10K is by far the country’s most popular type of race. To say it’s a versatile distance is an understatement. And if you need some extra help to keep on track, motivational videos like this could help you with that, showing what athletes are capable of when build things over a lifetime.

Take a cross-section of any 10K field and you’ll find some people tackling it as their first run beyond five miles, others using it just to stretch out their legs in company, and still others making it the focus of their whole season.

It’s not just the race that’s versatile either: 10K training fits in with more other running goals than any other distance. cool running beginner 10k training plan.

The 10K (6.2 miles) distance is very popular with beginner runners, especially those who have done a 5K race, but don't feel they're quite ready to take on the half-marathon.

If you've never run before, try to follow a beginners step-by-step plan for building a running base. Follow a 7-week program in order to quickly gain the strength and stamina needed to complete any 10K—faster than you ever thought possible. Of course, training for a 10K is not the same as training with specific drills specially designed for speed, agility and quickness, those drills are made for sports like soccer where top speed is important, but you can also get some tips from that training too.

More approachable than marathons but still impressive races, 10K runs are wildly popular.

Packed with easy-to follow charts and helpful photos, 7 Weeks to a 10K has everything you need to know about the balance of running speed and endurance: Get the book 7 Weeks to a 10K in order to get clear progressive training programs and running-specific cross-training techniques