101 Dalmatians Platinum Edition DVD Coat Rain Jacket Umbrella For Girls

101 Dalmatians (Two-Disc) Platinum Edition DVD

101 Dalmatians has been both a Disney cartoon and a life action movie. It is a classic movie and a must have for any Disney fan or Dal owner.

101 Dalmatians has charmed audiences for generations with its irresistible tail-wagging stars, memorable music, and a wonderful blend of fantasy, humor, and adventure. 

The "101 Dalmatians" two-disc set film is a complete family entertainer and a must-have for all dog lovers as well as those interested in animation.

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Pongo and Perdita are two lonely dalmatians who meet cute in a London park and arrange for their pet humans (Roger and Anita) to marry so they can live together and raise a family. They become proud parents of 15 pups, who are stolen by the dastardly Cruella De Vil (Cruella Deville), who wants to make a fur coat out of them.

With the help of her henchmen, Cruella successfully kidnaps all the puppies for their spotted fur.  Now Pongo and Perdita must rally their animal friends and use the power of the "Twilight Bark" to find Cruella's secret hideaway and free the puppies. It's a great romp with Cruella getting her comeuppance in the end. 

For a movie made in the 60’s the artists did a great job capturing the beauty of the breed and of course Disney’s classic storytelling doesn’t disappoint.

101 Dalmatians first appeared on DVD in the fall of 1999 among the nine animated Disney films released as barren "Limited Issue" discs.

Now, with spectacular new bonus features and brilliantly restored, Walt Disney's beloved animated classic shines like never before in an all-new 2-disc Platinum Edition.

This two-disc platinum edition features great sound and incredibly bright, intense colors thanks to the digital restoration process, but its most impressive selling point is the huge assortment of bonus features designed to delight children, families, and the most serious Disney fans.

A modern Selena Gomez music video of "Cruella DeVil" will appeal to tweens and teens. The whole family will enjoy the "101 Pop Up Facts For Families" option which prints various movie facts like the name and author of the original book and how specific scenes differ between the book and the movie right on the screen during the movie.

Disney fans will love the similar "101 Pop Up Facts For Fans" feature which supplies a wide variety of film trivia about featured voice talents, famous Disney animators that worked on the film.

The 12-minute dramatization of the longstanding correspondence between author Dodie Smith and Walt Disney is intriguing and the trailers and radio and television spots provide fun historical reference for the film and its various releases.

Finally, the "Music and More" feature presents a variety of deleted and abandoned songs as well as many alternate versions and takes of songs used in the final film

101 Dalmatians is for sure a classic. And now with this rendition it's every bit as wonderfully enjoyable as it was many years ago!

DVD distributor: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Run time ‏ : ‎ 1 hour and 19 minutes
Release date ‏ : ‎ March 4, 2008
Actors ‏ : ‎ Rod Taylor, Betty Lou Gerson, J. Pat O'Malley, Martha Wentworth, Ben Wright

Bring home the exciting 2-disc 101 Dalmatians Platinum Edition DVD with something for everyone, including the all-new virtual Dalmatians game, over 101 pop-up trivia facts, an all-new music video and much more. This is one of the cutest Disney movies.

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