Rojaus Grapevine Decanter Wine Decanter Aerator and Dispenser

Travaso, formerly Rojaus Grapevine Decanter

Are you looking for the best wine aerating, pourer and decanter? One that allows your favorite wine to breath and then allows your guests to dispense the wine directly into their wine glasses from the decanter.

Travaso makes the finest wine aerator and wine decanter anywhere.

A wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. The Travaso wine aerator decanters draw in and mix the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors.

With this decanter you'll instantly notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. This the finest wine decanter and wine aerator you can find. Takes on the form of a grapevine with leaf accents on the base.

Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine. However, decanting alone is time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient. With a touchless wine decanter allows wine to breathe, dispenses wine directly into glass. As wine is poured into the decanter, it wraps around a sealed, water-filled bubble, which can be pre-chilled in the refrigerator, to chill white wines.

Simply lift glass and press against the release lever and pour wine through. The wine flows through a filter and then into the glass cone where it can be dispensed with ease through the nozzle tip. As wine is poured into the decanter,

The old world tile base was designed with the individual in mind. The base tile is removable and the stand can be customized with a tile bearing original art from renowned artists or with tiles that match your home decor, your party's theme, or the changing seasons.  From its graceful styling to its built-in ease of presenting fine wine, the RoJaus decanter was created to entertain as well as enhance the wine's bouquet.

Rojaus wine decanter is the ultimate gift for the wine connoisseur. This is a perfect gift for your dad, for a close friend on his birthday. A great present for any "wino". A wonderful gift idea for wine lovers, enthusiasts, men or women, mom or dad, husband, wife, grandparents, friends, etc. Also perfect for family get togethers! It will always be a great conversation piece in your parties not only because it looks great, elegantly designed and gorgeous but also because its functional and graceful way as the decanter aerates, chills and dispenses wine.

More Wine Decanter Options You'd Like...

The inverted decanter is a fun dispenser and conversation piece. It makes a beautiful centerpiece! Once decanted, the unique nozzle easily dispenses wine into a wine glass. Your guests will love dispensing their own wine!

This piece presents an elegant serving piece to complement all enthusiasts' wine collections.
As wine is poured into the decanter, it wraps around the "wine bubble" exposing it to the air. The bouquet is released and the wine is allowed to breathe. Once decanted, the unique RoJaus nozzle easily dispenses wine into a wine glass.

This rojaus decanter and aerator will hold a 750mL bottle of wine. The wine can be kept in the decanter just as long as you would store recorked wine in a bottle. After pouring the wine into the decanter, you just remove the strainer and seal the decanter with the wine bubble.

Your guests will enjoy perfectly chilled wine with an enhanced aroma due to the consistent temperature and aeration achieved with every pour.

Rojaus Grapevine Wine Decanter - Travaso

You won't find a more dramatic presentation for your wine, Travaso grapevine decanter, formerly called Rojaus decanter.

Wine Aerator Decanter is sure to become the centerpiece of your next wine event or any gathering! Features stainless steel construction in a black finish, custom blown glass, and marble base. This artistic and creative form makes this marvel a conversation piece in itself. You will get so many compliments for this wine piece.

With this unique and spectacular wine decanter your gatherings won't be the same. Your guests will enjoy enhanced purity, flavors and aromas from your favorite wine. Sediment and cork particles are trapped in a stainless steel filter allowing only perfectly aerated wine to be dispensed into your favorite stem. 

There are other decanters like Le Chateau which also crafts elegant and lasting wine decanters adding radiance to any room. They test how much breathable surface area one 750ML bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe, this way they are trying to achieve maximum oxygenation of your wine.

Rojaus wine decanters are perfect for a merlot, cabernet, pinot noir, port and other bottles of wine.

Decanting the wine from the bottle to the decanter oxygenates the wine and releases its rich aroma and flavor. The reason people age red wines is because when you open a wine with lots of tannins in it, it will taste bitter if you drink the wine immediately. For that reason you expose the wine to air in a clean decanter in order the tannins dissipate removing the bitter flavor that comes from the tannins.

Grapevine Wine Decanter a Wine Accessory you Can't Live Without.

An excellent addition to any well-stocked bar. Our decanter is as beautiful as it is effective in aerating your wine. It's one of the best wine aerators, one of the only wine accessories you can’t live without.

The rojaus grapevine decanter is so straightforward to clean. You can use a small brush and voilá.

You can also consider other accessories in the market like the houdini wine chiller or the Le Chateau mentioned above or le creuset vitesse wine aerator fountain and other wine decanters, aerators and dispensers. 

The rojaus grapevine wine decanter aerator and dispenser will make a big difference in terms of taste and aroma for wine. It comes with a durable and functional design. Surprise your wine connoisseur friends and family with a unique wine present for holidays, weddings, or birthdays.

With rojaus decanters, your wine and your taste buds are in good hands!