Whitmor Double 6779-4866 Rod Closet Removable Cover 6779-3044 Freestanding Heavy Duty Zipper Portable

If you are looking for the best storage solution for your clothes then the Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet Cover is exactly what you need for your bedroom.

This item will help you to get organized using the free-standing closet.

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The cover it is made with a durable and breathable fabric, this way your clothes are protected in a hygienic environment because the cover allows for a good air circulation for your closet.

It's very easy to open or close because of the zipper closure.

The cover doesn't affect the portability and versatility of the original whitmor storage closet.

The closet contains dual hanging rods and multiple shelves and the center hanging rod is easily removable for your longer garments.

Regain space and organize your bedroom with the Whitmor double rod closet cover and other Small Closet Organization Ideas