Walkera Voyager 3 Review Dual-Navigation RC Quadcopter

Today will focus our attention on the Walkera Voyager 3 drone.

Update: This product is kinda old and maybe is discontinued, it is replaced with the 18x zoom Voyager 4, range 2 km or up using 4g lte.

Unique Fusion Of Both Aerodynamics And Aerial Video Technology.

Introducing 2.4 gHz and 4G radio control, expanding the range as far as you can, as long as you have 4G mobile network.

A precise 3-axis gimbal stabilization and now a notch up with 18x optical zoom 4K HD camera lens.

Maybe you know some other walkera drones like the Scout X4 and the Tali H500, but the Walkera voyager 3 hexacopter drone it's like is was created to compete with the DJI Inspire 1 drone.

So one question we have to ask is. is this voyager 3 a good high-end quadcopter or is just a copy of the DJI Inspire 1?

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This High-End Quadcopter Offer Great Flight Features

One of the first I want to say it’s since the price of this Walkera model is high, then you can consider this quadcopter is not suitable for beginner just for the risk of crashing more than $1000, OK?

But don’t be afraid of damaging the quadcopter because as you may expect for that high price it’s made with strong and robust materials to withstand some eventual crashes.

Now, if you are a beginner you don’t need to do complicated setups because you can fly this neat drone right out of the box, because it comes with the battery (and its charger), where you can pilot with FPV navigation (First-person view,also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting.)

Why people are saying that is a copy of the Inspire 1? well, because its design is highly similar to it, the same body and the same retractable landing gear and other things as well.

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But also has some distinct features that the other one doesn’t include in its design, so it’s not an exact copy.

This Walkera comes with a good flight time of 20 minutes in the air, even with not ideal flight conditions (and also if you keep in mind it’s weight of approx 3000 g), because has a great battery life, it comes with Dual-band navigation With the camera you can enjoy a 360º unobstructed perspective because the retractability of the landing gears after taking off.

Take Better Pictures With The Follow-Me Mode

One of the advanced features is the follow-me mode where the quadcopter will automatically follow the target object wherever it goes.

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Included in this post are test flight videos of Walkera quadcopter the Voyager 3. Watch Voyager 3 completing precision high speed circuits and other control tests. Some people say the Voyager 3 reminded them of the QR x800.

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A new era comes with the Voyager 3 where everyone will become a professional aerial photographer!(#ad)