Syma X5sw Explorers 2 Review WIFI FPV

Do you want a Syma X5SW quadcopter? This review will tell you the main features that will make your flight way more smooth and stable.

Syma X5SW: Stability And Durability

The Syma X5SW quadcopter is super stable and durable, wifi video feeds, direction locked mode, 360 degrees flip. The explorer 230 class FPV drone.

The x5sw drone it's made by syma and this brands has gained its reputation as a high quality manufacturer of quadcopters. It’s a very lightweight drone, so flying it outdoors is easy if there are no strong winds, so you need calm days to fly outdoors, but the good thing is if it's a bad day you can stay indoors.

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This Quadcopter Is Ideal For Beginners

This Syma quadcopter it's great for first time beginners who want to fly a FPV RC quadcopter (FPV=First person view, or remote person view or video piloting), so it comes with a built-in camera with video transmitter, which means is can transfer video to your Smartphone thru WiFi.

So in other words this drone it's a very good platform for beginners, because has some features who help the beginner pilot for an easy flight, like it's lightweight (so there are less risk of damage if/when crashes).

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Another super beginner-friendly feature it's very stable, thanks to the built-in 6-Axis Gyroscope, also it's suitable for outdoors flight. Also It can fly with Direction Locked Mode (a.k.a. Headless mode), so you won't be confused with orientation settings if you are using this mode.

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So if you are wondering if your kid will like a new Syma X5SW Explorers 2 with Wi-Fi FPV, then the answer is yes. Other features: Real time video feeds on your smartphone, mini size and lightweight for indoor or outdoor flying, it's super stable with 6-axis gyro, it comes with direction locked mode, and it's a ready-to-fly drone very beginner friendly, also comes with a USB charger.

This quad it’s the same old Syma X5C Quadcopter but now it is equipped with a WIFI Enabled camera that sends live video, and still shots directly to your smartphone via a live WIFI link. All pictures and videos are stored directly on your Android or iPhone.

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