Star Wars Waffle Maker Reviews Darth Vader Toaster 2-Slice Stormtrooper Coffee Mug

This kitchen appliance is a must for all of you which are true Star Wars fans.

It’s an unique item with a great design for your waffles.

If you are intending to give this as a gift then don’t doubt this will impress that Star Wars fan.

The exterior comes with the iconic Darth Vader ‘helmet’ or the death star..

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So if you want to purchase it for a SW fan, then the beautiful design won’t disappoint, whenever you look at it, the front the back, it simply looks awesome.

Also it’s very use to handle since is lightweight. The main concern of people interested on this is if is functional and not only other decorative item for the kitchen.

So how does perform as a waffle maker or a toaster (for those of you looking for either variation).

One common complaint is the slots are short, so not all kind of breads will fit in there and of course many people will find that fact annoying.

So let’s be honest, many people purchase these just for the fun of having this, as sort of credential showing you are proud of the force, but as an actual toaster or waffle maker this item leaves many things to the imagination.

Many people consider this is a cool item as a gag, but not the toaster you will use each and every day, so be ready to return to the traditional one after you feel the force won’t burn the bread strong with this one.

So don’t get me wrong, this item looks awesome, but it kinda sucks as an actual kitchen appliance.

Past consumers protest that bread constantly get stuck, so be prepare to remove manually a lot of bread when gets wedged in the slots, remember they are tiny slots.

And of course it’s difficult to clean. But is it a working toaster? Maybe, but just for tiny slices of bread.
Maybe you are OK with the fact it’s a cool looking display waffler that will reach the heart of star wars hard core fans.

Maybe you want to give this item away, but with a note saying, only use as a collectable item not as a waffle maker or a toaster, get a real one for that.

Many reviewers say this is an evil darth toaster.

But really, this does not function as a good toaster, beware of this fact.

By hey, maybe you want to simply use it just for have a little taste of the dark side of things, AKA badly burned bread and darth vader will help you with that.

And for even more fun, this toaster will burn the "Star Wars" logo onto each side of the bread.

But please beware you won’t be able to see that logo printed on each and every one of your toasts, since barely they will be noticeable.

So if you are able to adjust the temperature settings to finally print a visible logo, then that’s a bonus.

So your kitchen will have that printed for delight (no pun intended) of all your family.

And if you prefer your toast to be on the dark side, it comes with proper temperature adjustment for reaching that crispy state.

May The Toast Be With You!

For having the best day of your life after a delicious breakfast full of galactic characters.

Yes is a nice and novelty toaster, let’s say it comes with a great black design for darth vader, but is strongly on the dark side of the good kitchen appliances.