Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Suction Sponge Holder Sinkware Caddy Organizer Professional Quality Rust-Proof

If you don't have enough space in your sin area, or simply you want a neat way to store your sponge after washing your dishes then the oxo good grips stainless steel sponge holder comes handy.

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The sponge holder fixes securely to sink walls and it comes with drain holes in the bottom in order to drip out excess water.

Also you want to try other related kitchen tools like the Soap Dispensing Mesh Scrub, which helps you to squirt soap on demand with a light push of the button.

With this mechanism, soap shoots out of the Scrub and onto the item being scrubbed, very easy to clean dishes with this scrub, if you don't want to use sponge for your kitchen.

With the wide opening of the Oxo sponge holder you can use it for large sponges also.

The suction sponge holder it's made from Rust-proof anodized aluminum and it's dishwasher safe.