Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes Review

Who doesn’t love a cold drink with the sound of ice hitting the glass as you sway your drink around?

Cool your drinks without spoiling or altering its flavour with these handy stainless steel chilling cubes. As these chilling cubes never melt, you can enjoy a more flavourful and colder drink.

Enjoy cold beverages without the dilution from ice. These reusable ice cubes are made from food grade stainless steel to keep the beverage cold and savoury while not diluting, rusting or corroding them.

Stainless steel ice cubes can make some alcoholic beverages from undrinkable to totally sippable. By using this metal you won't be mixing flavours, so you can use these chilling stones for all sorts of beverages.

These Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Have Good Reviews...

If you are a little skeptical about using these stainless steel cubes, or you think they might affect the flavor of the drink. You will be delighted to know these chilling cubes will successfully chill the drink without affecting the flavor! Metal whiskey stones also cool the drink better than the sandstone whiskey stones.

These chilling cubes are filled with a non-toxic cooling gel that freezes and keeps your beverages chilled much like a regular ice cube, allowing them to withhold cold temperatures for longer and outlast traditional ice cubes. Unlike regular ice cubes these stainless steel stones won’t melt, ensuring your favourite tipple be it Whiskey, White Wine, Brandy or any other spirit remains chilled without watering it down.

Instead of freezing water in trays or relying on your fridge to create ice cubes for you, these reusable ice cubes just go back into the freezer after you’ve cleaned them, and chill for their next use. They couldn't be easier to use!

Use them again and again. Clean whiskey stones after every use. Wash the stones with dish soap and warm water. Dry the stones and return them to the freezer.

It's so nice to sit outside and not have ice cubes diluting your drink! They are made from food grade stainless steel, the liquid inside steel whiskey stones are water and some other food grade elements, which assure you a safe and healthy drinking way.

Since these sets contain six or eight cubes, there are always some chilling cubes available in the freezer for your next drink too. Stainless steel ice cubes never melt providing a more flavourful and colder drink. Other sets come with a storage case which allows easy transfer of cubes from the freezer to glass.

A high-quality premium whiskey set comes with 6 pieces of stainless steel ice cubes, non-slip ice tongs and an elegant gift box. Speaking of presents, you should know they are an ideal gift for men and women. It's a unique gift for spirit drinkers for whiskey lovers and also for dad's birthday, anniversary, valentines day, father's Day, thanksgiving, Christmas, new year.

They usually come packed in a great gift box package, so this set is always ready to perform as a gift. Now you know exactly what you will be getting your dad or husband for christmas this year. This is really a classy gift. Stainless steel whiskey stones make the perfect gift for whisky connoisseurs.

A good whiskey gift set will be the most memorable alcohol related gift set for your father, brother-in-law, grandpa, husband, dad, boyfriend, groomsmen, bride, groom, boss, client, for men, for women, for him, for her, even for someone who has everything.

Filled with a non-toxic gel making them outlast regular ice cubes. Unlike regular ice cubes,those reusable ice cubes made from stainless steel can bring a mellow chill to your drink without dilution and will not spoil the taste. No more watering down your drinks.

Keep the cubes in the freezer; always ready to cool your drinks. Wash the whiskey stones and put them in the ice tray to freeze for at least 4hrs and more, when ready, put 3-4 cubes into your beverage as per personal preference to chill down your drink of choice like traditional ice cubes do: whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, white or red wine, etc.

After use, simply clean and dry them again to store in the freezer. Whiskey stones for drinks are also dishwasher safe or just rinse with water and air dry. Usually they come with a storage case and tongs, they both help to keep everything sanitary and organized when put back into the freezer.

Using Whiskey stones, once chilled, take the place of ice. allowing you to chill your drink without diluting it with water as the ice melts. With these reusable stones you will be drinking like a professional.

Very easy to use: Run cubes under water to be slightly damp, then simply put 3-4 ice cubes as per needs in your freezer to freeze for at least 4 hours, then take them out with the ice tongs coming together and add to your beverages to enjoy the undiluted drinks at a proper temperature. Dampness will not dilute your drink; it will help cubes lower drink temp by a few degrees more.

Metal ice cubes stay cold for 20-30 minutes. Metal ice cubes stay cold for varying time because it depends on how long they were in the freezer to begin with. Reusable ice cubes are frozen, popped into your drink once done, and cleaned afterward for reuse.

Stainless steel ice cubes are safe to use if the stainless steel is food grade. Metal ice cubes contain a non-toxic gel in the centre of the cube sealed in by stainless steel. Stainless steel ice cubes have non-toxic gel, some non-toxic gels contain water, glycerol and other food grade chemical elements. Stainless steel ice cubes will chill your drink for about 30 minutes.

Suitable for all occasions: wedding, anniversary, engagement, retirement, housewarming, graduation, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, veteran's, valentine's, thanksgiving, Christmas, New year. It's an ideal whiskey set gift for men.

Now after you use a good set of whiskey metal balls you will prefer these over ice. Another brand is final touch hard ice stainless steel ice cubes.

Ice cubes have been around forever. However, now, you can get reusable ice cubes. Enjoy your favorite beverage with this reusable and eco-friendly alternative that will help you reduce your water and plastic consumption. The good thing is these ice cubes won’t melt and ruin your alcoholic beverage.

Cooler than your average ice cubes, they are made from high quality food grade stainless steel and filled with a quick freeze gel, ensuring they stay cooler for longer, chilling your drinks without diluting them so the full flavour is retained from top to bottom.