Sanctus Mundo Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray

Sanctus Mundo Stainless Steel: Durable & High Quality Products

It's better to have a plastic free stainless steel Ice cube tray. Studies are increasingly suggesting links between the chemicals that can leach out of plastics (Plastics tend to leach chemicals when they are both heated and cooled) and many serious ailments, including cancers, developmental, reproductive and immune effects.

Sanctus Mundo products address these concerns by providing a safe alternative to plastic food containers.

A gorgeously designed stainless steel ice-cube tray, fully equipped with a sturdy old-world style lever to release perfect rectangular cubes. This tray also stacks once the lever is placed down. You may never need to buy another ice cube tray again!

Have You Seen These Stainless Steel Ice Cubes?

Any sanctus mundo product such as a stainless steel ice cube tray by Sanctus Mundo has been thoroughly tested for durability. These ice cube trays are a blast from the past! But the aluminum has been replaced by 18/8 stainless steel, and more importantly, safe from loads of chemicals found in the standard plastic versions. This line supplements their general inventory of meticulously researched, ethical products.

These Sanctus Mundo ice cube trays are modeled after those aluminum beauties from the fifties, but have been made to exacting modern standards out of the highest quality 304(18-8) stainless steel - no aluminum here!

Other Sanctus Mundo products you could consider for your kitchen are: A stainless steel, bento-box style food pot. This food container is made from high quality, food grade 18/8 (304) stainless steel and is free from BPA and lead. Excellent choice for storing and packing lunches for work or school,

Another great product is the tiffin, an excellent choice for lunches, picnics, trips to the beach, or whenever you need an organized food carrier. It is compact and efficient for storing 3 separate dishes that are stacked and secured with a self-latching top.

Also, check out our adorable new set of kid's cutlery made of high quality stainless steel 18-10. The fork, spoon and knife are adorned with a sun, a moon and some stars. Perfect for boys and girls.

The marketplace also offers other high quality trays like Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray or Franmara trays or Arctic Chill Large Ice Cube Trays, so you can also search those wonderful options too.

Where to buy Sanctus Mundo (lIfe without plastic) products such as plastic free trays from Sanctus Mundo?

Sanctus Mundo products are available directly from Sanctus Mundo for wholesale accounts, and can now be found in top eco-conscious retailers in North America, including Manhattan╩╝s Green Depot, and Toronto╩╝s Grassroots. As well, all Sanctus Mundo products (and many other alternatives to plastics) are available from the online retail boutique

Sanctus Mundo and Life Without Plastic are, respectively, the wholesale and retail divisions of Mama Mundo Inc., a family-owned business founded in 2006. 

Start using high quality stainless steel products from sanctus mundo, they are great kitchen products! They distribute and wholesale products that contain little or no plastic at all.