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Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop Kit - Scoop With Elegance

Scoop, lift and release your favorite ice cream  with ease. Also great for gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, cakes and more frozen treats!

These scoops are perfect for all your gift recipients ice cream needs. With a simple press of your thumb, you can easily dish out uniform portions of your favorite frozen desserts. Sweet treats deserve a sweet scoop!

Stainless steel is also the most corrosion-resistant choice of material for an ice cream scoop, and it boasts a fine polished look that displays beautifully. Make sure you select a scoop good enough that you can cut through the hardest of ice creams.

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Are you looking for a heavy-duty ice cream scoop kit that is made from stainless steel for a durable, beautiful end product? This product is constructed from 304 stainless and features a hawk bill point designed to cut through the hardest of ice creams, a threaded post and a beefy ferrule to cap it all off.

Find the best ice cream scoops from brands like Kitchenaid, kitchen craft deluxe, Artisan, etc. You can even get some scoops with an attractive chrome plating that will complement any blank. And for easier scooping make sure the handle includes a convenient thumb rest .

Look for a scoop that is designed to seal off the end of your turned handle so that no grain is exposed to the elements. The contours of the scoop should be thoughtfully designed to turn out smooth, round scoops of ice cream.

Look for an ice cream scoop that features brightly polished stainless steel for that classic styling along with the functionality of a threaded shaft insert, which makes it easy to remove from your custom turned handle when it's time for cleaning.

A good stainless steel ice cream scoop kit comes with a tough durable design, Manufactured of top-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting performance. You want a kit with a flat wide blade inorder to deftly slice through even the hardest of ice cream. 

Scoop your Ice Cream with elegance and flair with this handsome project. This is an easy and fun project to make that will last for a lifetime. Just imagine that you make your own beautiful scoop, with your personal touch, is the perfect gift. For the handle, we recommend a strong hardwood such as maple, cherry, walnut, oak, or yellow birch. Of the imported hardwoods bubinga, purpleheart, gongola alves and cocobolo make wonderful handles.

The Scoop is elegantly appointed and easy to make by turning it on your mandrel (or between centers.) Threaded shaft insert for simple and convenient assembly. Easy to clean, just twist the scoop off of the threaded insert.

Turn your own handle on the lathe for a customized gift, or keep it for your own kitchen.

We hope this article has helped you to find the best selection of scoop kits made from polished stainless steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. An attractive, polished look and hefty feel will make your personal scoop a hot commodity for dishing up cold treats. Fun and unique gifts they'll love to use again and again.

On those hot days, reach for our stainless steel scoop and roll on summer!