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True Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet 

An Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet is essential for showcasing and displaying a variety of ice cream flavors in ice cream shops or in the back of the house at restaurants, hotels or catering halls.

Whether you operate a large ice cream parlor or a restaurant that serves ice cream as a dessert, you are looking for an ice cream dipping cabinet that’s perfect for you.

Ice cream dipping cabinets from True Refrigeration come in several capacities that are designed with perfectly balanced refrigeration systems that will keep ice cream at optimal serving temperatures.

The TDC-67 True ice cream freezer has two glass lids and holds 12 cans in display and eight in storage. This True dipping cabinet has six racks and is 67 3/4 inches long, 27 3/8 inches deep, and 51 3/8 inches tall. This model runs on 3/4 horsepower and weighs 550 pounds crated.

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There are some good models like the True TDC-47 47" Freezer Dipping Cabinet or the True THDC-2SF Two Tub Horizontal Ice Cream Dipping.

White vinyl clad exterior, white powder coated steel interior, stainless steel canopy with lighting, (12) can skirts, holds (12) display & (8) storage - 3-gallon cans, (6) wire racks, magnetic frost shields, night covers, 3/4 HP, 115v/60/1, 7.9 amps, 9' cord, NEMA 5-15P, cULus, NSF, MADE IN USA

Designed to hold four (4) 9–1/2" (242 mm) diameter, 3 gallon (12 L) ice cream containers in the display area. Four (4) removable, molded plastic can skirts for 9–1/2" (242 mm) diameter, 3 gallon (12 L) cans. Also included, removable molded plastic can skirts firmly hold ice cream cans in place and provide an attractive, neat appearance.

White, 6" (153 mm) wide, NSF approved, removable magnetic frost shields. Provides for easy clean up and removal of ice build-up on cabinet walls.

Ice cream dipping cabinets are ideal for holding ice cream or novelty bars. You can display 8 ice cream tubs while storing 6 more as backup. Designed to hold eight 3 gallon ice cream containers in display area. True Ice cream dipping cabinets are available in a number of sizes and can hold anywhere from four to sixteen three-gallon containers. They also carry gelato dipping cabinets, which are ideal for holding dozens of gelato flavors.

Patented reversing condenser fan motors. Fan motors reverse during defrost off cycles to help keep condenser coil free from dirt, dust and debris.

Keeping coils clean optimizes the unit's performance providing colder holding temperatures and increased energy efficiency. Regularly scheduled thorough cleaning of coils still recommended.

The cold wall refrigeration system maintains -10°F to +8°F (-23.3°C to -13.3°C).

Heavy-duty, PVC coated wire can support racks. Positions the open ice cream containers on top level to optimum service height.

True® includes magnetic sidewall frost shields to provide easy clean up and removal of ice build-up on cabinet walls. A nice feature that's not typically included by other manufacturers.

True horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets are so great for ice cream parlors. It also covers the wide range of advantages offered by these True commercial ice cream freezers.

True's horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets include TFM, TDC, and THDC models and come in a variety of sizes. Make sure to leave adequate room for the cabinet's dimensions. On TFM models, the environmentally friendly refrigeration system holds -10 degrees fahrenheit -- ideal for frozen foods and ice cream.

While TDC and THDC models hold between -10 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit. TFM models come standard with non peel or chip durable and permanent white laminated vinyl and also are available in black vinyl exterior.

TDC and THDC ice cream dipping cabinet units come standard with the non peel or chip, durable and permanent white laminated vinyl clad steel for durability, as well as a 300 series stainless steel top with raised rent. The interior of TFM models come standard with NSF-approved wide aluminum with stainless steel floor.

For TDC and THDC models, the interior comes with high-quality wide enamel powder coat on galvanized steel. Designed to promote high profit frozen novelties in high impulse retailed traffic areas, the TFM is ideal for bolstering incremental sales increases of frozen merchandise and seasonal specialties.

TFM units come standard on two and a half inch diameter swivel casters. Each cabinet is foamed in-place using ecomate, a high density, polyurethane and environmentally friendly insulation that has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP).

True's visual dipping cabinets are uniquely designed to provide the user with maximum functional reliability while brilliantly displaying the ice cream product. TDC models also feature a safety shield fluorescent interior lighting for longer, brighter shadow free illumination -- displaying various amounts of ice-cream. The canopy has a stainless steel frame with a tempered single pane glass viewing window. 

Look for a unit that features glass tops that provide customers with a clear view of the ice cream. True's visual dipping cabinets are uniquely designed to provide the user maximum functional reliability in an attractive merchandiser to brilliantly display and serve ice cream products. For optimal visibility also look for a true ice cream dipping cabinet that includes LED lighting. 

It has a 300 series stainless steel top with a raised rim to protect and minimize spillage into the cabinet. The interior is designed of high quality white enamel powder coat finish on galvanized steel.  

(4) Heavy duty PVC coated wire can support racks, position the open ice cream containers on top level for optimal service height.

Storage for (4) additional cans is available on the floor beneath the racks. The TDC- 47 Dipping cabinet comes complete with (2) white plastic night covers for the case opening.

White 6 inch wide removable magnetic frost shields provide for easy clean up and removal of ice build up on the cabinet walls. TDC models are designed to operate in an air conditioned environment where temperatures do not exceed 75°F and 55% relative humidity. 1/3 HP, 115v/60/1, 6.7 amps, 9' cord, NEMA 5-15P, NSF, MADE IN USA

Regarding Ice cream dipping cabinet accessories. Many accessories are available for horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets.

Whether ice cream is the staple of your business or just a dessert you offer, there is a dipping cabinet that will meet your needs. Your ice cream service needs to keep your customers coming back for more.

True Manufacturing is known for the outstanding longevity, dependability, and value of its products. Using only the highest-quality materials, the company manufactures a wide range of True refrigerators, True freezers, and True coolers. True has been able to maintain its position as an innovator in the refrigeration industry.

True's horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets have an oversized and balanced refrigeration system which ensures faster temperature recovery and shorter run times in the busiest of food service environments.

Other good ice cream dipping cabinet manufacturers are Kelvinator, Masterbilt, True and Nor-Lake Ice Cream Topping Cabinet. They come with unique designs to give the user maximum reliability to display your ice cream and gelato product.

A reliable commercial ice cream freezer or gelato storage cabinet is essential to any ice cream shop or stand.