Stainless Steel Insulated Ice Cream Bowls Spoons Double Wall Set Kids

Stainless Steel Insulated Ice Cream Bowls - Enjoy Your Frozen Treat for Longer

If you prefer to savor ice cream in small bites with no rush, well, you will be delighted to know these insulated bowls will eliminate that mad scramble to devour your ice cream before it melts. It keeps your frozen dessert from melting like 5 times longer than in a regular bowl. 

Insulated dessert bowls are also great for insulating lots of other foods, from salsa to potato salad, and many can be used for hot foods as well. It works for hot foods as well as it does for cold.

This bowl is amazing, keeps food hot or cold. This multipurpose double wall stainless steel bowl for rice or soup, ice cream, salad, snack or dipping sauces.

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These heavy bowls were built with a double-wall insulation to create a natural preservation effect. So if you are looking for the perfect bowls for serving Ice cream, frozen foods or even hot foods, then you will absolutely love this bowl.

Since ice cream is one of those perfect treats on a hot day, I imagine you will be glad to know that there are bowls that can actually keep ice cream from melting. 

Finally you will be able to enjoy your dessert on your own time. They come with different designs, colors, and extra features. They are a fun gift for an ice cream lover! And at home, the elegance of this bowl even makes it ideal for a dinner with friends.

This bowl will keep your ice cream frozen solid. Imagine scooping yourself a huge portion, sitting down, and start eating your ice cream very slowly. No rush. And your ice cream will still be frozen solid. It will keep your ice cream cold till you finish it.

These insulated double-wall stainless steel bowls are exactly what you are looking for. Processed in safe and durable metal and not brittle, double wall insulation so that they are suitable for hot food.

You won't need to prechill or preheat; but this won't prevent putting it in the freezer before eating your ice cream. Also these bowls will not leave water marks on fine table linens (sweating).

Not only is it great for children and adults alike, but it is a wonderful camping companion since it is perfectly suited for hot soup or cold ice cream. It is completely plastic-free and is made of high quality 18-8 (304) food grade stainless steel. It therefore does not contain toxins associated with plastic, it will not rust, and will last for generations.

Double wall insulated design protects your hands from cold ice cream or hot soup!
Tapered bottom makes it easy to hold in your hands while sitting on the couch.
Durable Stainless Steel that is dishwasher safe. (Do not put metal bowls in the microwave)

Stainless steel insulated ice cream bowls are constructed by joining 2 thin layers together creating an airtight thermal insulated layer material which has no chemical odor and resist dents and is rust-proof. It’s designed more for a bowl of soup or ice cream.

They are also great as a gift. At least one insulated ice cream bowl should be in everyone's kitchen. And it’s also quite large. This bowl is great for kids, with colorful designs featuring funny shapes and drawings.

Enjoy your ice cream preparation for longer, and keep your delicious cold foods in this stainless steel bowl. Remember: this virtually unbreakable bowl works great, keeps your ice cream from melting and keeps soups and rice warm. 

Double wall metal bowls offer a wide application: rice bowls, ice cream bowls, soup bowls, snacks bowls for restaurant, baby bowls, and home-hold or party supplies, good for dips. Look for microwave and dishwasher-safe insulated bowls